Saturday, November 30, 2013

Celebration and Gratitude

Discover. Play. Build.

Saturday celebration is here again! I can tell this is becoming a routine in my life as I'm starting to notice things throughout the week and I hold onto them to include here on Saturday. Thank you for that, Ruth

I practice gratitude on a daily basis. Each morning, I send out an email listing those things and people for which I am grateful. Here are my emails from this week: 

Grateful for...
a TWO day work week
long drives with audiobooks
finding just the right song at just the right time
celebrating life's moments with friends
holding babies and having them snuggle into your neck when they get sleepy
finding items on your grocery list...on SALE!!

Grateful for... 
The new Valentine book by Adriana Trigiani
Snuggling in bed after a chilly day
Jeans today at school
Still praying I'll be able to travel north!

Today I'm grateful for a day to relax and read my new book! I'm overwhelmed with gratitude by all of the offers I received for Thanksgiving dinner, since I'm not going home to MA. (See you tomorrow, Kathy!) I'm grateful for friends who listen when I cry and kick my butt when I need it and hope when I don't see it. I'm grateful for a few days off and for the rain outside my window

Happy Thanksgiving!
I'm so grateful for each of you! Thank you for your love and friendship and support. Thank you for the laughter and the tears and the hugs! Wishing each of you a very happy happy Thanksgiving with friends and family!

I'm grateful for...
yummy food
sometimes plan B is better than you ever expected
Leo's wagging tail
good cup of coffee
spending time with friends 
seeing boys I've known since birth grow up into wonderful people
getting lost in my book
avoiding crowds today

and today, Saturday: 
Grateful for: 
starting new routines
mailing surprises home to MA
waking up early with a sense of determination
the return of Jingle
and a new day with a fresh start!

While I believe that the practice of being grateful is important, what's been even better has been sharing it with those I love. It's a very small group, so as to be manageable. I send two emails each morning: one to some friends and one to my family. Throughout the day, I get replies like this: 

from Kathy: Today I am grateful for...
Seeing a shooting star on my early morning walk
My dog...always happy to see me
My new fleece sheets (wow!)

from Kate: I am grateful for
Kids sleeping in ( does 6:45 count?)
Swimming lessons
New friends

Wise words of gratitude from my mom: I am grateful for being reminded to be grateful every day.


  1. Your mother's words of wisdom are so true: it's easy to forget to be grateful for all we have. Glad to hear your plan B turned out well. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Finding gratitude every day is s simple step, yet so important to live a full life. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Love your post. I like the idea of the emails--may have to start doing that.

    As for #nerdlution, I think it the reading and writing are going to be easier than the moving :) Hopefully I can get started on the moving this weekend!

  4. Your posts are always so positive and give me that reminder of what is important in life - being grateful, but more importantly, telling someone! Thank you for that! Have a great week, Michelle

  5. Love the idea of the e-mails, Michelle. And the way you're capturing for yourself too! And love that one-snuggling babies-the best!

  6. Like your mom, I'm grateful for the reminder to be grateful every day! Sorry that your plans didn't work out, but it sounds like you definitely made lemonade!

  7. Wonderful idea to keep yourself focused on things that you have and are grateful for! I LOVE the mug!

  8. I love the idea of daily gratefulness e-mails! I also love the line that Plan B can be better than you ever expected. I've experienced that myself several times! :-)

  9. Daily gratitude shared through email is a wonderful idea! I might have to try it. Thanks for the idea!

  10. It's amazing how perspective can change things!


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