Saturday, January 25, 2014

Celebrating Un-Routine

Every Saturday I get the opportunity to celebrate the week over at Ruth Ayres' blog, 
Discover. Play. Build. Thank you! It's become a highlight of my blogging week!

I thrive on routine. It brings me comfort and security. I do enjoy straying from the routine...but I confess when the change in routine is out of my control, sometimes I struggle. Snow changed my routine this past week...a lot! No school. ALL WEEK! When I felt anxious, I focused on here I am sharing my celebrations...

One: Forties

I turned 42 this week. I'm celebrating my forties! I get it now. I think it took me a couple of years to get it, but I must say I love being in my forties! I truly believe it's the best time of my far.

Two: Risk

I am the most un-artistic woman alive...but I love I can't carry a tune and I have no rhythm, but I cherish music! Anyway, I went to a painting class with some friends. I decided to have fun, no matter what I painted. I did.  AND, I love my painting! The instructors at Uncork'd Art were wonderful!

Three: Giggles and chatting

This week gave me the opportunity to sit...I mean really sit...with friends and just be. It reminded me of the loooooooong lunches in college where we'd talk for hours and solve all of the problems of the world. We don't do that much anymore. Lunch on my birthday was filled with hours of talking and laughing. Yesterday, my friend Heather and I went to Wegmans to work. We got so silly! I love trusting someone enough that you can be SILLY and GOOFY with them. 

Four: Random Acts of Kindness

My birthday celebration was to perform random acts of kindness. SUCCESS! I'm working on a post focused just on that...and those acts aren't over...I'm still going. 

Thank you to Ruth! Celebrating makes me reflect on my week and brings me joy. Sharing it here with this community is a gift I treasure! 


  1. What wonderful WAYS to celebrate your birthday WEEK! Your painting is great! I suspect you have a silent artist hiding inside you waiting to get free!

  2. Whole week off to celebrate your birthday! Learning to embrace your forties; definitely a reason to celebrate! "I love trusting someone enough that you can be SILLY and GOOFY with them." This is a sign of true friends!

  3. Happy Birthday, Michelle! What a great week you had!

    Being silly and goofy...such precious moments with friends!

    Love the random acts of kindness idea for your birthday!

  4. Happy birthday again, birthday buddy! I am so glad you had a great week. I can't wait to read the random acts of kindness post. Hopefully you will get back to routine this week. Have a great one!

  5. Happy Birthday week, Michelle. I love each part of your post-for someone who thinks they are not artistic, the painting is quite something. I love seeing your dog in 'two' places! And I enjoyed hearing about the conversations where we did sit and talk for hours-good memories-that!

  6. I love the bold colours in your painting and the look of joy on your face! You've really got this celebration thing down!

  7. Happy birthday! The video of your dog is so cute. I've wanted to go to one of those painting places. We have one nearby, and it looks fun! Love the idea of practices random acts of kindness on your birthday. Wonderful celebrations!

  8. Hooray for birthday weeks! There's nothing like keeping a wonderful celebration going...and it looks like even your doggie got into the action!

  9. Happy Birthday! What a lovely week with art, friends, laughter and random acts of kindness.

  10. Happy Birthday, Michelle. Your painting is awesome! Practicing random acts is a perfect way to celebrate a birthday. I'll say you did OK without your routine.

  11. I love that you celebrated your birthday with random acts of kindness. How fun! Happy Birthday!!!


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