Saturday, January 18, 2014

Celebration Saturday!

Every Saturday I get the opportunity to celebrate the week over at Ruth Ayres' blog, 

Discover. Play. Build. Thank you! It's become a highlight of my blogging week!

Celebrating a great week!!! A week filled with risks (my 2014 OLW) for me. Starting with the best news, Leo, my doggy got a clean bill of health! He's fine, maybe older than I thought, but healthy and back to normal. Praise God! It was scary and a reminder of how much he means to me. 
I feel better!
I spoke at a school board meeting about an amazing pilot that I've had the opportunity to launch at my school. Speaking to the board and the senior staff of my school district was scary. I stepped up to the podium, with my trusty notebook and began, "Good Night," I said. Sigh! Everyone laughed. I was told it broke the ice. The board asked lots of questions about the pilot. I have no idea what will happen, but the presentation went well. The BEST part of it was the amazing sixth grade students that spoke. They spoke eloquently and fearlessly...I continued to be inspired by my students. 

Here's a personal risk...I went on a date. A group dinner. A blind date. A set up. I had fun. He was smart and funny. Enough said. 

Lots going on this week and next week is my birthday! I have big plans to celebrate my birthday week. Tune in...

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  1. Wow - you have lots to celebrate this week! That's a big group to present in front of! Congratulations.

  2. WOW you have had a busy week! I hope you birthday week is just as productive and even more fun!

  3. So much to comment on...I am so glad Leo is healthy once again. I know how worried you must have been. My students and I are presenting at our school board meeting on Monday. The kids are nervous...maybe I will share your "good night" story to settle their nerves. Good luck with the "risk!" My birthday is this week too - Tuesday! When is yours? Look forward to hearing about your celebration!

    1. Leigh Anne, Best of luck on your presentation! I'm sure it will go well. What's your topic? Happy Early Birthday to you!! :)

  4. Your week sounds absolutely perfect! I hope next week is even better. Happy Birthday in advance.

  5. What a great week! Your date sounded like a lot of fun! And then there is a birthday coming up...can't wait to hear more!

  6. Wow-I am so impressed with your presenting, Michelle. It does sound scary, but clearly you know this idea is right, so go for it! Happy to hear about your dog, that all is better. Glad your date went great, & will look forward to the birthday news!

  7. Good to hear that Leo is ok. Congratulations on your successful presentation. Blind date can be risky. Smart and funny is a very good combination. Have a wonderful birthday week!

  8. Thanks for your kind words everyone! Each and every comment is appreciated!!

  9. Happy Birthday week! I hope it's filled with delight. So glad Leo is feeling better. That is a big group at your board meeting - kudos to you and the students! Sounds like you're plunging right in with that OLW! Congratulations for that blind date, never easy to take that risk.


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