Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My Tribe

Sharing my slice of life (#slice2013) over at Two Writing Teachers.  Please join us!

Every morning I am greeted with a couple of friendly emails. I receive one from the universe...

It never fails to make me smile...the idea of the universe thinking enough of me to send me an email. The other email I receive every morning is from author, Patti Digh. Those emails include a rock with a phrase or word painted on it. Last week one of those emails really stayed with me. It was this one: 

"Create your own tribe." YES! Reflecting on 2013 I was struck by how comfortable I was in my own skin...FINALLY...after 41 years. I felt at peace with me. Without knowing it, I've been searching for a reason why. Why did it finally feel ok to be me? Why am I ok with showing others the real me? 

I created my own tribe. Little by little. Step by step. 

Some of you are part of my virtual tribe. Finding my PLN on Twitter and my blogging friends through posting on Nerdy Book Club and commenting on Two Writing Teachers and Celebrating with Ruth Ayres on Discover. Play. Build...you all changed me. You showed me that it's ok to be passionate and excited about books and writing and working with students. You taught me new ways to find answers and you asked me questions and found my insight valuable!

My writing tribe includes Patti Digh. I took an online course with her and it was the first time I felt like I could say, I'm a writer, without feeling like a phony. She inspires by her life and has become an important part of my tribe.

Finding strong, dependable, kind friends outside of school (as well as a few inside, too) made a difference. When I joined my Church I found more members of my tribe. Again, I felt encouraged and included and inspired by the kind people I spend time with at church. I'm greeted with hugs and smiles and invitations to enjoy concerts and retreats. I'm part of the tribe. 

I've always felt different. My path in life isn't what I expected and it's non-traditional. For so long, I lamented and complained and felt sorry for myself about that. Oh poor me!  Ridiculous! Someone told me (yes, someone in my tribe) that I have to let go of the idea of what should have been, so I can allow what will be in my life.

I'm lucky. I love my job. I have a family that's spread out, but who love me so much! My friends are true friends. They are the... "go out for a spontaneous breakfast at 6AM or come over when I need a hug or cry with me, because crying alone is never as good or laughing until we can't breathe" friends!

My tribe is small. I like it. It's filled with love and trust. It's flexible and will grow and change with all of us. It's surrounded in a blanket of support and acceptance. I'm grateful for my tribe. Tell me about your tribe. 


  1. Michelle, this is wonderful! As I read your description of your tribe I became both a little envious but also excited. Who wouldn't want a tribe member that will have breakfast with you at 6 am? You have a great tribe!

  2. The greatest gift in life is to be loved just the way you are. You explained that beautifully in your post.

  3. This is so great - I can feel your contentment and comfortableness in your words. I'm so glad you found your tribe - several tribes, it sounds like! I'm glad you're part of mine!

  4. Like Dana, I caught the spirit of contentment in your post. That's a wonderful feeling, as is knowing that you belong to a tribe, a set of like minded folks whose spirit carries you from day to day on the wings of love and complete acceptance. Bravo to you!

  5. Love hearing about your comfort, Michelle, and that people around you please you because they love you, just you, not the projection of what you might be, but right now. It's a powerful thing, and terrific that you're feeling good about it. This community and the others you mentioned are so supportive & although we can't be with you at breakfast at 6am, we can be there in spirit! What if we had a chat that early-would be interesting!

  6. Michelle, I'm so happy for you that you found your tribe. The virtual tribe that we've found on Twitter, at Two Writing Teachers and elsewhere is so supportive and inspiring. Glad to be part of it with you!


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