Thursday, January 30, 2014

Nerdlution: The Sequel...Reflection Round Up

Four days into Nerdlution: The Sequel and things are going well. I am happy...happier with my nerdlution choices this time. I have two nerdlutions:

1. Practice Random Acts of Kindness daily
2. Spend one uninterrupted hour unplugged

As with the beginning of the first round, I'm focused and motivated...but it feels different this time...more natural? No. Easier? No. I've been searching for right words to describe the difference I'm feeling and I can't...yet. The words will come. 

Random Acts of Kindness
Being conscious about being kind and showing kindness really makes a difference. I'm more thoughtful when I make choices. I think about people who need to be shown kindness and try and focus there. I've been tracking my RAKs on my phone. Oh, I forgot...I shared a Kid President video with my students and challenged them to respond. I'm excited about what they will do. 
The thing about RAKs...they really come back...

I thought my hour of unplugged time would be different than it is. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, but an hour with no technology is looooooooooong! Do you need to slow down? Turn everything OFF! The first day I allowed myself music...because I get freaked out when there's silence in my house. The past couple of nights I haven't even listened to music. It's more of a challenge, but I'm enjoying that. This hour is a gift to me. Time! 

So far during my hours I've written a lot, read (I finished Flora & Ulysses today!)  I've painted. Crafted. I've done the things I don't take time to do. I realize that I have a skewed view of time. It's hard to make myself unplug...but it's like exercise: once I've started, I enjoy it and I'm grateful for the time. 

Now you...write a post at your blog. 
Remind us what your nerdlutions are & reflect on your progress. 
Leave a link to your post in the comments. 
Please comment on some blogs (at least three is a good number). 
Support is what makes nerdlution special and successful! 

Remember Chris Lehman's mantra from round one, "If it makes you happy." Katherine reminds us to be kinder to ourselves! Franki focuses on learning about herself. This is a journey...celebrate your place in the matter where you are!


  1. I am slowly created an invented dictionary. Today, I am on "D" and my word is Doodlidoodling. Wanna know what that is?
    You can view the other words so far at my Notegraphy Gallery (which is good for design)
    Good luck everyone!

    1. And so someone who doodlidoodles is a doodlidoodler, correct? One of my children fits that definition....

  2. We analyzed, we reflected and we are in for Round 2 #nerdlution. Thanks for hosting the weekly reflections! Looking forward to it!
    Clare and Tammy

  3. Michelle,
    Thanks for hosting the roundup for this second round of nerdlution. I am joining in and have a post focusing mostly on the new app I am playing with, "Sketch Club." Love your acts of kindness. (I'll tack that on for fun.) I wouldn't think being unplugged for an hour would be so hard, but we are so accustom to all our devices, we take it all for granted.

  4. Michelle! I love reading your blog! Unplugging would be weird for me too...maybe that's a sign...:) I hope everyone feels successful about their week! --Kendra

  5. I love that you're spending a whole hour unplugged! I just got a new iphone and it's so addicting. I can't imagine putting it down for even 30 minutes, but good for you! I'm excited to hear more of your progress during this time.

    I'm spending 5 minutes writing everyday!

  6. Michelle,
    I enjoyed your post. The Kindness Boomerang video was refreshing to watch. Wouldn't it be nice if we all thought like this? I'm always intrigued by the ripple of our choices. Good luck with your hour unplugged. That's just really all I can say about that. That's as hard as giving up coffee in the morning, diet Pepsi, or chocolate. LOL

    I love the idea of checking in each week. Thanks for providing a space for us to round up. Here's my post - a few discoveries:


  7. So glad this has been successful and "easy" (but not easy) for you! Love the idea of doing something kind every day. Maybe I'll make it my nerdlution round 3 goal!

    Here's my weekly recap

  8. Michelle, being unplugged is such a challenge but good for you. Here is the link to my Nerdlution Round 2 blog: With a Pocketful of Hope In Search of Awareness-Ne...

  9. I'm doing random acts of kindness, too. And Patrick Andrus also inspired me to use one post to keep track of my daily progress on my four goals:

  10. Thanks for hosting this Michelle. I don't have a blog that I post to regularly... yet. I am beginning a bit late but here are my goals:

    Read: At least 120 minutes a week... (I know its a small goal but I must be realistic)

    Write: Begin my blog and post at least once a week... also comment on at least three others.

    Exercise: Work out @ least 4 times a week (begin a Couch to 5K routine)

  11. Here it is.. forgot to post it

  12. Michelle, Thank you for sharing your progress with words AND pics. Going unplugged is truly inspiring! Also thanks for reminding us of Lehman's mantra, If it makes you happy. I'd forgotten that and having it in my back pocket will be a good guide during my Round Two efforts toward writing and art.

    Wish all Nerdlutionists many if-it-makes-you-happy moments!


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