Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Nerdlution: The Sequel...Reflection Round Up Week #5

Week #5 Reflection

#1 Unplugged for an hour a day. 
Lots of unplugged time. I signed up for an art class. Spending time being mindful...finding the quiet and preparing for the art is a heavenly way to spend time unplugged. I wonder if this nerdlution helped me find the courage to sign up for this class. 

#2 Acts of kindness.
These continue to feel more normal. Today I brought in a special treat for a friend. On the ride to school I was BELTING out a good song and grinning from ear to ear...I turned and looked at the car next to me and the driver was laughing and smiling. I made him happy with my silliness. That's a job well done. 

How Nerdlution going for you? Share your joys and successes as well as your stumbles and revisions. I can't wait to read your posts. Thank you for stopping by and please share this blog! Invite others to share their reflections in comments!

Now you...write a post at your blog. 
Remind us what your nerdlutions are & reflect on your progress. 
Leave a link to your post in the comments. 
Please comment on some blogs (at least three is a good number). 
Support is what makes nerdlution special and successful! 

Remember Chris Lehman's mantra from round one, "If it makes you happy." Katherine reminds us to be kinder to ourselves! Franki focuses on learning about herself. This is a journey...celebrate your place in the matter where you are!


  1. Hi
    I have basically ended mine. Early, I know, but it felt right.

    1. Congrats on a great nerdlution! I loved all of your creative!

    2. I think success is knowing when to let go as much as it is knowing when to push on. Nice job Kevin.

  2. My goal of playing my trumpet every day to get my chops back in shape is going well, though I have missed more days this time around than with my last goal of writing every day. I'm blaming it on volume (i.e. can't play late at night with the kids sleeping), but pushing on, focusing more on playing as meditation rather than performance/perfection--at least at this point. Thanks for sharing and hosting this little check-in!

  3. I have found myself wasting time on screens instead of meeting one of my goals: creating something for 15 minutes per day. If we have a Nerdlution 3 I think I will follow your lead and give myself an hour unplugged each day. her's my update:


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