Monday, February 24, 2014

Risk and the Art Class

It's a couple of months into the new year...I guess it's not new anymore...and I'm still working on incorporating my word of the year. Writing about it helps. This year, more than any before, I have people asking me about it. There's a friend at church who checks in almost every Sunday and asks, "Taken any risks lately?" I love that she does that. It keeps me focused.
I took a big risk. 

I signed up for a class. It's an art class. 
It's called Mixed Media Mantras
The teacher is one of my favorite artists, 

You can barely turn your head anywhere in my home without seeing a piece of her artwork. 
It's filled with inspirational words and sayings, as well as colorful images. Looking at her artwork makes me when I stumbled upon this class, I immediately wanted to take it.
But, then the fear seeped in...You're not good enough...It's too expensive...What a waste of money...You can't draw, why would you take an art class...It's silly...The negative self talk filled my head. I felt defeated. I felt sad. I almost gave up. It nagged at me for days. Yesterday was the last day before the class began. I decided to give it to God. I prayed for discernment. The voice changed. 
Suddenly I started hearing...What fun! You'll learn so much! This can lead anywhere! It will make you happy! When I came home, I checked my budget and found that I could afford do this. I signed up. Immediately, those feelings of joy and excitement overwhelmed any doubts I had!
Today begins another step in my year of risk. Expressing myself creatively with an artist that inspires me every day.
I can't wait!

I'm inspired!


  1. Go for it, Michelle! Kelly's art is gorgeous, and I can't wait to see what you create during your class. Last summer I found this Sylvia Plath quote (I can't remember where; maybe Ruth Ayers?), and it has kept me going in those moments when I question myself: "The worst enemy of creativity is self-doubt."

  2. Good for you! Listening to our hearts can lead us to such unexpected joy. I wish you all the best in your new "risky" adventure. I love her artwork and so many of those sayings, I am sure spoke to you! Can't wait to see what you create.

  3. Your story matters no matter what media you use to "write" it!


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