Friday, March 21, 2014

Hello there...

Slice of Life Challenge
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So the origin of this post...
I'm borrowing the idea 
from Leigh Anne
who borrowed it 
from Tammy
who borrowed it
from Deb
who borrowed it from 
a tumblr blog

i am grateful 

i keep notebooks (on my 57th)

i wish and pray 

i love Leo,who always shows unconditional love

i dance poorly, but with passion

i sing Sitting on the Dock of the Bay when I'm sad

i think so much

i really want more sleep
i need to write

i should skip this one...(avoid shoulds)

i can teach, read, write

i like changing seasons

i make readers and writers

i always say thank you...

Here are some of my own...I found I couldn't 


i will follow my dreams

i celebrate my students

i gobble up cadbury mini-eggs

i believe in God's plan for me

i borrow inspiring ideas from my PLN

i read sad books, according to my students

i write and you read, thank you!

Thank you Leigh Anne (and everyone else) for 

this idea...I certainly needed some help today!


  1. What a neat idea! Simple but definitely wonderful. I might have to swipe it for myself...!

  2. Going to use this in my classroom…! Love it :)

  3. I need an idea for today and just may borrow this from you who borrowed it from ... Thanks!

  4. very neat - what a great brainstorming idea too!

  5. I loved your enthusiasm to keep adding. I like the idea too and so will my class. Thanks for sharing"everyone." :)

  6. This is great! I just might need to borrow the ideas as well! Happy Friday to you!

  7. Great ideas are like good food - meant to shared! I enjoyed reading yours today. May the idea continue....

  8. It's like a chain, Michelle. I just bought a little box of Cadbury eggs too. It must be spring! Wow-57 notebooks-a treasure!

  9. And that's how ideas spread. I like your dancing with passion. This is the best way to dance.

  10. Oh, how we could sit and chat about your list!

  11. I spend so very much time reflecting on my class and teachers, I would like to do a reflection like this of myself. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I agree, Michelle. This is a great idea, and I love the fact that you skipped "should." Thank YOU for sharing!

  13. I always sing that song "Sitting at the Dock of the Bay" and the avoiding the shoulds.. so clever!


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