Sunday, March 30, 2014

Make Him Happy

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I tell my students that I make sense of my life through writing.
I tell them that I write through my pain and my struggle.
I tell them that writing helps me make sense of the unexplainable.
Come on writing...don't fail me now.

from 2008

He's my dog
but so much more
my roommate
my confidant
he listens endlessly
without complaint
he snuggles close 
he wags his tail
he protects
he loves...

He's sick.

For the past few months
he hasn't been himself
I've known...
I've known something's wrong
that he's not ok
I told myself I was being a 
worry wart,
jumping to the worst...
Last night
I discovered
I was right

Another trip to the vet
emergency vet
I'll spare you the details
Except to say
the news isn't good

Lots of tumors
And a choice...
quality of life
aggressive treatment...

I pick quality of life.

After the exam
and shots
and waiting
the collar
and more waiting

I received instructions
for his care
bland food,

So many instructions
I began to ask questions and
Chelsea, the kind tech,
put her hand on my arm
and smiled as she said,
"Just make him happy."


  1. Oh, Michelle, I'm so sorry that Leo is sick. I know how much he means to you. Sending you both hugs and prayers!

  2. I am sorry to hear about Leo. Somehow, I think you know what he needs most - your love and care. Hugs

  3. So sorry to hear about Leo. The vet tech is right. Just make him happy. He's made you happy for years, now its your turn to do it for him. You'll know what to do.....

  4. It's a wrench in the heart to see our pets decline, not feel well, after remembering their energy, and mostly for us. I'm so sorry for your news, Michelle. Happy you'll be able to make him comfortable for a while longer. Hugs to you!

  5. That was the perfect advice...which I know you would have done anyway...but it validated your thoughts. I am so sorry to hear that Leo is not well. We just lost our kitty, Nimbus, after 23 years...and there is still a gaping hole in our lives. The pictures of Leo show such a sweet face...with such wise eyes. Leo know your love...and knows you are going to make the right decision for him. Our pets are so attuned to us, and want to take care of us. Know you are in my well as Leo. Jackie

  6. I'm thinking of you - Leo has the most beautiful eyes.

  7. Thinking about you Michelle...

  8. I am so sorry. My heart aches for you. I understand.

  9. Your post was heart wrenching. Our pets are such a big part of our family. I'm so sorry about Leo.

  10. Thank you everyone! It was a tough day, but it ended on a good note. He took all of this medicine and seemed happier than he had been. This journey will be day by day! I'm grateful for all of the love & support!


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