Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Prayer Walking

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I heard these words yesterday:
"You run with your heart, not your feet." 

You run with your heart, not your feet.
You run with your heart, not your feet.
You run with your heart, not your feet.
You run with your heart, not your feet.

Those words stuck with me.
It felt like they were spoken 
directly to me
I got the message.
I'll run.
(I can't run, yet.)
I'll walk.

During silent reading, 
I reread my book PrayerWalk...
That gave me inspiration to start
After school I laced up my 
purple shoes
and set out. 

I walked... 
I jogged...
I prayed...

I noticed the clouds-
I prayed
I pet a doberman-
I prayed
I smiled at a woman 
waiting for a bus-
I prayed
for fifty minutes-
I prayed.

There are no pictures of my walk.
I left everything behind.
Everything except God.
Me, my purple sneakers, and God.
I want this to be a daily practice.

To be honest,
today I'm sore.
It's a physical reminder
of my conversation 
with God.
I'll walk more today
maybe not as far, but
I'll walk
I'll jog
I'll pray...

Who wants to join me? 


  1. I love the idea of prayer walking/running. I've been doing makeup tests for our state tests this week. Ninety minutes of sitting, with nothing in front of me- no computer, no book, nothing. Yesterday, it occurred to me that it would be a good time to pray for kids and teachers…

    1. Oh I love that idea, Carol! I'll have to remember that for our state tests!

  2. This made me teary..."I left everything behind"...
    God is so good.

  3. Have you read Mark Batterson's The Circle Maker or his 40 day prayer challenge? I read the latter with my children during Lent last year. We were all challenged to pray more fervently and I began prayer walking with a purpose. I'm a fair weather runner so it's just about time to start the walk-to-run process over again like I do every spring. Thanks for your slice today.

    1. I haven't, Cindy. I'll check it out! Thanks for the recommendation!

  4. This is beautiful. The format you chose for you slice works so well with your topic. I like the repeating line "I prayed."

  5. Great post! I love spending time with God as I walk or jog. Those moments when, like you said, you leave everything else behind, are just wonderful.

  6. I look at my walks as "my time with God". He's everywhere I look and it's so easy to open up to Him as I take it all in. Thanks for sharing your slice.


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