Monday, March 31, 2014


Slice of Life Challenge
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On Saturday I had the privilege of listening to Penny Kittle talk about writing. She said, "Fifteen minutes a day and you have a writing life"...that was passed onto her by her mentor Donald Graves. This month I've lived least fifteen minutes everyday and I've written a blog post. It's changed me.

My writer's eyes
notice everything
Always looking for things to write-

My mind looks for connections
The act of writing everyday has 
changed the synapses 
in my brain...
created new pathways

My writing
I've created...
a month filled with thoughts,
musings, questions, declarations
about life, dogs, education

I've discovered friends
who support, challenge,
guide, & inspire me as a 

My writer's eyes
continue to search
Always looking for things to write-

I'm so sad to see March end. 
Incredibly grateful to everyone who's read & commented.
Inspired to continue writing & blogging. 
Relieved that we still have Tuesdays.
Happy to be ending with writing friends I didn't have before!
Thank you to everyone!


  1. Great poem. I love how I find things to write about during this SOL season because I LOOK for them and FIND THEM. Great point!

    1. I appreciate your compliment, Anita. Poetry is something I want to work on and refine, so I appreciate your compliment!

  2. Ohhhh! I like that line from Donald Graves! ...Must have been so great to hear Penny Kittle!

    What a perfect slice!

  3. That's awesome that you got to hear and see Penny Kittle. She's something isn't she! Congratulations on finishing the challege - now keep going!

  4. Yes, I am still a little envious that you got to see Penny Kittle! This writing really is about noticing, creating, discovering, searching and making connections! Well said Michelle!

    1. She was AMAZING! I'll write more about her soon. Thanks for your kind words!

  5. You wrote my thoughts. That is always to mark of good writing. Are you considering doing the Poetry Workshop Chris Lehman put out in the world? ?

    1. Julieanne, Yes I am planning on applying for that. It looks amazing!! How about you?!?!

  6. Lovely to read your reflection, Michelle. I enjoy what you write every.single.time, & am so glad you'll be around on Tuesday! Best wishes for the Lehman application. I have some other plans, but it really looks like fun!

  7. I love how you summed up your experience in a poem. Look forward to seeing you on Tuesdays.

  8. Love your poem, Michelle! It's so true that writing changes the synapses in our brains. It's amazing, isn't it!


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