Saturday, April 12, 2014

Celebration Saturday!

Each week on Saturday 
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Won't you join us? 

So much to celebrate this week!!! My celebration comes in the form of an acrostic poem. I hope you enjoy...

Chris Lehman's Poetry workshop! I am an on screen participant! Our first session is this morning at 11AM EST. Please stop by and check it out. #TeacherPoets

Eating cheerios. Oh, it's so simple...but cheerios make me happy. They remind me of childhood. What a great way to start each day!'s my first week without my doggie. My students took his passing well. We talked about it and wrote poetry inspired by Mary Oliver's Dog Songs. Their compassion moved me! 

Elated to be published on Kirby Larson's blog this week! So exciting to share my experience building a classroom library for my students!

eautiful Words...for the past two weeks, the students have been reading, analyzing and writing poetry. I'm inspired and awed by their insights and their poetic accomplishments. Thank you to Penny Kittle for the idea! 

Red Robin...dinner with an amazing friend, Jessica, at our favorite place...Red Robin. Having an opportunity to sit and relax for an hour indulging with juicy cheeseburgers is my idea of a perfect afternoon!

mazing celebration to end Literacy Journey! Lit Journey is a professional development course offered through our county for middle school English teachers. I am one of the facilitators. For our last day, the participants shared portfolios and spent time talking with their administrators about the amazing things going on in their classrooms! We ended the day with a SWAG giveaway...books! I left feeling inspired!!

The second meeting of my writing group. Moving in the direction of more formalized writing...I am meeting with a writing group...ok, maybe a just a writing partner right now...but we are supportive and we hold each other accountable. I always leave with inspiration, new ideas, and the feeling that I can really do this! I hope she feels the same!

xcited to see videos of my niece and nephew READING!! WOW...they are READING! Amazing! Jack is five and Jillian is four. 

I'm so grateful for my fellow bloggers who share in my passion for poetry. Check out their blogs and their creative and amazing poems. They inspire me everyday...Julieanne,MargaretLeigh AnneMary LeeKevin and Cathy


  1. The Poetry Workshop sounds great. I will have to check into it. I love how you used the word Celebrate. I included dinner with a friend as a celebration too. It really is nice to have time to relax with a good friend around food. Have a great weekend.

  2. Certainly you have had a writing filled week! Your poetry is just wonderful and you are certainly inspiring me!

  3. So much writing and poetry in your week. Your celebration felt like a cheerful parade.

  4. Yay, great celebratory poem! I love it when people share pics and videos of people reading. Have a great week! -Earl!

  5. I loved reading your post. I don't think we have "met" before, so I'm so happy to have stumbled upon your blog. I'm looking forward to checking out the links you provided.

    I loved cheerios as a kid too. There's something so wonderful about eating food that reminds you of childhood. I feel those nostalgic feelings when I have applesauce, macaroni and cheese, and pudding.

    Thanks for sharing,

  6. A Celebration Acrostic Poem - great idea!! You've had an amazing week - how exciting to be participating in Chris Lehman's workshop!

  7. Great way to celebrate! An acrostic. SO SORRY I missed the Chris Lehman session. I just got my land legs back from a field trip, so I'll be looking it up on twitter -- now!

  8. You pack so much into one week! So glad there is much to celebrate! I am impressed how you have taken writing poetry! Looking forward to reading more!

  9. I love this idea of an acrostic poem. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your dog. So nice that your students were so compassionate. The poetry workshop and the writing group also sound fabulous.

  10. I hope your poetry workshop went well. I managed to get through the introductions but then life took over. I will have to return tomorrow to watch the rest of it. I have enjoyed playing with poetry and sharing with you and look forward to learning from you as you finish the workshop.

  11. Just went over and read your post on Kirby's blog. Love! I am so happy when middle school and high school teachers have extensive classroom libraries! Thanks for sharing it here!

  12. Michelle,
    I can't find the idea from Penny Kittle? I'm wondering if it is because she has so many tweets that I'm just overlooking it? We just did poetry too, so I'd love to hear more about what you are doing.

    Thanks for all the great ideas.



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