Sunday, April 6, 2014

Integrating Technology into the English Classroom

Please visit Reflections on the Teche, a blog written by Margaret Simon. She's hosting Sunday #digilit posts where we can share ideas for digital literacy!
Welcome to our presentation this morning! I am using this blog to share some resources. Integrating technology into my practice in the classroom has not only changed my's made it so much better! I depend upon my technology companions and the support they provide and the resources that they share.

How has it improved my teaching? 
1. Unlimited (and FREE) resources! Here are some examples of ideas and resources that have been shared with me via twitter, google docs, blogs...
32 Interesting Ways to Use Padlet in the Classroom 
45 Simple Twitter Tips Everyone Should Know About 
A comprehensive list of Educational Twitter Chats
MS Reading- Collaboration Documents
Epic eBook Guide

2. Extended PLN: I have friends all over the United States and even all over the world who are teachers. I've met them through twitter chats & blogging.

3. Access to authors, experts, educators around the world
Authors on Twitter

4. Ability to differentiate easily

Change for students: 
1. Authentic audience
2. Ability to move at their own pace
3. Includes many opportunities to incorporate creativity into the learning experience
4. Students have the ability to collaborate more easily
5. Problem solving

Tools for YOU, the educator:
Blogging as a teacher is a perfect way to reflect, rehearse as a writer, celebrate, and share your experience. There are some great connections to be made in the world of blogging! I blog a few days each week (although I am currently blogging daily for Poetry Month). Some great places to share your blog posts and make connections with other teachers include: 

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? -Monday, book recs

Two Writing Teachers -Tuesday, slice of life

Ruth Ayres Writes -Saturday, celebrations

Reflections on the Teche -Sunday, digital literacy 

You write a post and then add a link to YOUR blog post in the comments of these blogs and you have an instant connection! Authentic audience! 


Tools to use with students:


  1. Thanks for all the great resources and links.


  2. Thanks for linking up this rich post of all your resources. Good luck with your presentation. One grateful teacher to another!


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