Saturday, June 28, 2014

Camp: The End

English Workshop Toolkit 
Summer Camp 2014

Today we finished camp. The four days brought us together. We created a community and that is precious to me. Thank you to each of the campers/participants. YOU made camp what it was! Your expertise. Your knowledge. Your curiosity. Your openness. Your joy made camp an experience to remember! Thank you to Michele Schmidt-Moore. Her leadership inspires us all. Each of the presenters spent valuable time preparing and presenting. We are better for learning from you. And Niki, the ultimate camp counselor, teacher and friend! 

Niki began our time together with a creative and fun team building activity. Table groups worked together to create a quote that describes the time they spent here this week. (Niki uses this in class for theme as well.) Groups worked closely to create funny, interesting and touching quotes. 

Our last time sharing beautiful words...inspired by the art of Andres Amadour. We watched this video and used it to inspire beautiful words today. 

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