Saturday, June 21, 2014

Meandering Days of Summer

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Today I celebrate meandering days. I celebrate the freedom to schedule my time however I like. Summer is a time of projects and planning and catching up. It's also a time of relaxing and enjoying and meandering. Yesterday, I finished one book and started another. I worked on some projects for the English Department. I played with Bella, did laundry, met a friend for dinner, went for a walk...I meandered.
Bella enjoying a summer morning...

I love that word...meander. It's like there's a long, winding path in front of me that I follow, stopping whenever I no hurry to arrive at my destination. That's how I see summer. There are things to be done, but my focus isn't finish, finish,'s enjoy the journey. 

I mentioned the English Department...I celebrate the amazing leadership the English Department in my county. Dr. Michele Schmidt-Moore drives the department. She's creative and hard working, reflective and thoughtful. Working with her challenges me in amazing ways that make me better. Her generosity inspires me and her knowledge motivates me to always keep learning. 

Next week, I'm part of a group presenting four days of curriculum work for middle school English teachers. Now, if you're like me you may hear that and cringe. I'm not a fan of curriculum work normally, but Michele came up with a creative way for these four days to work. I'm so excited about it. (Stop by next week and I'll post about it!)

I celebrate blogging and my PLN. My presentation at ActivLoudoun was called What Does the Blog Say? I spoke about blogging as a teacher, as a reflective practice. I shared my experiences blogging here and at Two Writing Teachers. While talking about it, I celebrated each of you reading this PLN. You support. You encourage. You guide. You help. I'm grateful for this community...more than you may know. Today I celebrate YOU!


  1. What a great celebration. Meander is a wonderful word. I hope your summer is full of time for meandering and enjoying the journey.

  2. It was so good to read this celebration. It made me smile.

  3. Michelle, you make blogging look effortless (which I know it isn't) and joyful (which from your posts, I know it is!) I totally agree with your thoughts about Michele! She is a wonderful leader and I'm looking forward to being a camper next week!

    PS Look for my first summer blog post later today :)

  4. Thank you for your sweet words, Michelle. Sounds like a beautiful beginning to the summer. Happy meandering...

  5. MIchelle,
    Such a wonderful mix of what you love. I could feel the green path you were meandering on, the passion you are going to bring to your colleagues and the gratefulness you always show in your posts. I'm looking forward to what you will post next week. Thanks for sharing this today and happy weekend.

  6. Michelle, you gave the word "meander" a brand new meaning! I will forever look at that word and think of summer days filled with relaxing or doing anything and everything that brings me joy. I believe that I will meander next week as well!

  7. Thanks for sharing that word meander. I love that summer gives us more flexibility for meandering. Like Jaana, I believe you have made a strong connection for me with that word and my summer days.

  8. It is so much fun to just putter!

  9. I love meandering! I think I will finally hit the meandering mode this week - so ready for slow-it-down time! Enjoy!

  10. I know just what you mean about meandering in the summer. It's amazing that having time to cook dinner and do the laundry can make us happy. Your post is filled with joy. I found myself smiling as I read through it. Have a great week.

  11. A perfect launch into summer post. Thank you for sharing all of your thinking and celebrations.


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