Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Playing in Notebooks: Day Two of Camp!

English Workshop Toolkit 
Summer Camp 2014

A rainbow is a great start to the day!
Day two of camp was about notebooks. I love getting there early and setting up before everyone arrives...

Ooohh, PENS!!!

Rebecca is so excited about her new pens!
Our tables with sandboxes in the middle.

Catching up before the day starts.

Good morning!
We started with a hilarious version of rock, paper, scissors. Here are some pictures of people really getting into the game...

This group of teachers takes risks! They leap into whatever we ask with everything they have...they inspire me. After our getting to know you game, we opened our notebooks, ready to write beautiful words. We read a poem by Nikki Grimes about summer and decided to compose in the humid summer air...

The humidity didn't dampen our writing. We wrote and remembered how powerful it is to change your perspective.  Then we dove into notebooks. Niki focused on reading notebooks and I focused on writing notebooks. We shared examples and how we live as notebook writers. After lunch we gave the group time to play. Yes, you heard me. We played in our notebooks. Many people created reading timelines...some people made plans about how to use the notebooks next year...we all talked and talked and talked about our practice and ourselves and reading and writing. This is such a precious talk with colleagues about teaching, to share ideas and discover new ways of doing things. We all stretched ourselves in our play time. After we played, Niki lead us in a gallery walk. Here are some of the pages that were shared today...

Here's the presentation from Niki & I...

Tomorrow, we'll learn about strategy groups. Stay tuned and follow our progress on twitter: #litjourney


  1. I am loving our "Camp"! I'm getting so many great ideas from the presenters, you and Niki, our camp counselors, and my fellow campers! I can't think of better professional develop than what we've been doing. I can't wait for the next two days!

    1. Thanks Jocelyn! I feel exactly the same way! The campers are amazing!!! And I'm learning so much too! :)

  2. I love the pens at everyone's spots - that would draw me in too! I really need to learn more and use notebooks more... I'm at that place right now where I don't know where to start! It's a goal to learn more this summer. I should've been at your camp :)

  3. I love all of the examples you shared. They are beautiful. It really shows your passion for the notebook that is infectious! I am sure students would feel such a connection to this kind of work and never leave or loose their notebook!


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