Thursday, July 10, 2014


The irony that the focus this week is "mindfulness" as I'm writing this with my five year old nephew sitting next to me, my dog at my feet, and my mom on the couch. There's nothing better for my soul than family visiting. 

This is the first visit that Jack is making to see me. Spending time with a five year old means there's little time for mindfulness, but it brings my spirit so much...I get to see the world, my world, through the eyes of a child. The wonder and awe he expresses at a ride on a merry-go-round reminds me to see the world this way. 

His new friendship with my dog reminds me to love everyone fully and wholly!
Every morning, I share gratitude emails with my family and friends. I asked Jack what he's grateful for and here it is, in his own words...

I love when mommy plays with me.
I love being with Bella (my dog).
I can't wait for Kindergarten.
I'm happy when people read me books. 
I'm happy when Jillian plays with me a lot. (his sister)

So today while I reflect on my spiritual journey, I'm focusing on being more child like...searching for moments of wonder, joy, cuddling, and lots of books. 


  1. I love nephews! I have one, Jack, who is now 9 years old. I don't get to spend much time with him, but our last conversation was all about reading. He loves to read, and he loves to talk. Five year olds are a joy. This past weekend I took pictures of 2 five-year olds playing with bubbles. I didn't get any really good ones but they loved performing for me. Thanks for sharing and connecting!

  2. Enjoy those moments of wonder and joy as seen through the eyes of a five year old. I'll be enjoying a parade with young friends on Saturday!

  3. I love the joy that is resonating in this post. I'm going to keep this in mind for a future spiritual theme:" I'm focusing on being more child like...searching for moments of wonder, joy, cuddling, and lots of books." Childlike - we are called by God to be more childlike, and I can hear it in your post. Wonderfu!

  4. There is so much joy in your post! It comes out of every word on this page! Mindfulness is spending time with those that are important to us.

  5. Michelle-My nephew is 26 years old and I still treasure the moments we have together. I don't read him books anymore and we never bake cookies together but spending time with him and seeing him as the adult man he is still brings me joy. Enjoy Jack today and when he's 26.


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