Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Six Month Check: RISK, OLW 2014

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The second half of 2014 has begun, so it seems like a good time to revisit my word of the year...a good time to reflect and see the impact of RISK.

This is my eleventh post about my OLW. I reread so I could see where it all started and what I hoped to accomplish with my word. Here's my New Year's Eve post that announces my word. When I read that post, I remember the reason I picked this particular word. Fear had been guiding my life and that needed to change, immediately. The question I'm left with is: Has it? 


Fear still exists, but I don't follow fear. I don't search it out or ask permission of it. That feels great! I've realized that taking risks doesn't mean there isn't fear...it means you do it anyway, despite the fear. I feel like I've done that. Taking an art class. Teaching in a pilot program. Leading a retreat at a friend's church. Helping to organize the retreat at my own church. Reaching out to authors and teachers around the country and making amazing connections. Asking questions. Being true to myself, despite the consequences (which are sometimes painful, but worth it)! Going out when I wanted to stay in. Having the conversation instead of avoiding it. Living. Being! This is what RISK has done for me this year. 

Another early post about RISK talks about an Un-Boring List. I read the list and I've accomplished lots of things on the list. Here's my list...

I feel like I can honestly say I can check many of these off the list. #7...I started out strong and it fizzled. I need to get back to that! #10...I will focus on this one this summer. 

Other than that, I've done all of the others and I want to continue. Maybe I should update...make a new Un-Boring List for the second half of 2014. Here goes...(the trick is to move fast & don't edit yourself when you make the list)

1. Write a draft of a book
2. Dance
3. Sit by the ocean
4. Travel to conferences
5. Visit Christine in Colorado
6. Pray more
7. Have people over...dinners, game nights
8. Be willing to abandon the plan
9. Take Bella to the dog park often
10. Writing retreat

To sum up...RISK has been a great word for me in 2014, so far. I'm looking forward to seeing where else it leads. 


  1. I think "check-ins" are important and I need to consider this for my slice today (which isn't written yet.) It looks like risk is guiding you more than fear. The word risk has fear written all over it for me. I am a safe person. Risk is difficult for me. I like to know what to expect. I am proud of your risks and look forward to hearing how the second half of the year goes.

  2. Ah... great idea MIchelle. It's time for a check in and a list. I love yours.
    Thanks and Happy 4th!

  3. Love your un-boring list - it's risky, too, but joyful.

  4. Here's another Smith who loves your un-boring list! Your book draft sounds exciting and very un-boring :)

  5. RISK. I was wondering about your word. I didn't take one on this year, but I have OLW in my future plans. I like your Un-boring list, number 4: spend a day without electronics. I didn't mean to, but I spent THREE days without electronics, or any other power, due to a storm in our area. Whew! I'm glad that's over!

    Keep slicing! I love reading your work.

  6. Love that you reflected for us, Michelle, & it sounds like a great year so far. I think 'risk' means "I want to do it, but it's hard, so maybe I'll wait a while..." I'm proud of you for jumping into so much & making it work. I remember the art you shared, hope you'll share more, & if you come to Colorado, I'd love to meet you!

  7. Love your reflection. How boring life would be if we never took a risk. Think of how much you have learned and grown because of the risks you have taken.

  8. When I think risk, I think brave. You have been so brave in your risk and it has served you and others around you so well. You are an inspiration. Thanks for sharing your reflection. You and your OLW are working well together.
    PS Thanks for your comment on my post today. It made me say yes! You are right Michelle. Love having you in my blogging world.

  9. I love this reflection and your un-boring list. When you are willing to take risks, you will always grow, which is exciting and scary. You make me want to revisit my OLW (discover).


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