Saturday, September 13, 2014

Celebrating Words!

I'm so grateful to Ruth for this link-up! I find myself thinking throughout the week, "I could write about this in my celebration post."

This week I celebrate the power of words!

Watching my students read this week has brought me such joy! One of my students came into school and told me this story, "Ms. Haseltine, I didn't get a chance to read for homework last night, so I woke up early and went outside to read on my patio. As I was reading a hummingbird landed on my book. Isn't that awesome!!!" EVERYTHING about that story is awesome. The hummingbird is amazing, but I love the fact that he woke up extra early to get his reading in! He's a reader!

Listening to the writing my students have been creating inspires me. We did a ten minute quick write and many of my sixth graders shared their writing. I just loved their creativity and their bravery to share writing in the second week of school!

This year we are focusing on making sure we create an environment where everyone feels the message: YOU MATTER. On Fridays, we reflect about our progress on that goal. Here are some of the student responses...

I love how they are noticing that their choices impact others. These comments make me smile! I celebrate the words of kindness that my students are sharing with each other. 

Speaking of words...I've noticed there are times when I'm in areas where there's much gossip or complaining or negativity. In the past, I've participated and it's brought me down. I'm working on making an effort to set boundaries for myself. I am working on consciously choosing my words and making sure the words that come from me are helpful and not harmful. I celebrate the choices I'm making because I see a difference in how I feel and how I act. 


  1. I love celebrating our students early in the school year. The hummingbird story is magical...I hope he/she writes "long" about that experience. I would love to read about it.
    And I totally feel you on the negativity. It's contagious and whenever I find myself starting, I try to contain it before it diffuses throughout the room I'm in. If others begin, I (TRY NOT to) don't join in because I feel my energy drained...even if it feels like I'm healthily venting at first and I begin feeling usually turns on me and sucks my energy and stays with me negatively in the long run. There's a fine line one walks there...I saw a sign at
    a local middle school I LOVED...will probably adopt it...across the teacher's door it read, "LEAVE NEGATIVITY AT MY DOOR." I think it would be a great class discussion for the kids AND me.

  2. Love seeing those beautiful comments, Michelle. They must have left for the weekend feeling awesome! Glad to hear that it was a good week, & you're separating yourself from those who bring us down by whining, griping, whatever you want to call it, it's not good! Love that quote you shared! Thank you!

  3. A hummingbird landed on his book?! That's a mini miracle!! Oh, your deliberateness about not gossiping and slipping into negativity is such a noble and wonderful pursuit. We can all follow in your footsteps there! It seems like that negativity runs rampant in schools sometimes and can be hard to avoid. The YOU MATTER reflections sound very much like our Saturday Celebrations! I love that you're doing that with your students. Sounds like a great week!

  4. I love how your students are already seeing themselves as readers and writers! That's awesome!
    I love what you write about participating in gossip. It's so true, we do have a choice. There are times it does suck us in, but it's important to be cognizant of our choices and actions. Thanks for the reminder :) Have a great weekend!!

  5. Words matter. You have chosen words that show how you care about your students and how you spread positivity.

  6. Love the quote you shared this week. Thank you for sharing it here. So glad you had such a wonderful week!

  7. Words matter. Which is one reason I love blogging and reading blogs. We speak, listen and respond. Love your words and your student's noticing and commitment to reading.

  8. Great celebrations this week! Everything about reading is indeed awesome. And I love the focus on the positive!


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