Sunday, October 5, 2014

Blogging with Students

Thank you for Margaret for starting DigiLit Sunday link-up! 

Participating in a 1:1 pilot last year, I leapt into writing on the computer with my students. Blogging started early and with little practice before the actual blogging. Year two with laptops and I find myself returning to the notebook and using it as a thinking tool much more than last year. Also, we are practicing our blog posts before we even get our blogs. It feels more purposeful and more thoughtful. I'm proud of that. 

Students have started brainstorming blog themes and titles. This week they will be writing two potential blog posts for homework. They had the choice to write the posts in their notebooks or on google docs. I'm interested to see which students pick which platform to write. I find many of them still cautious about writing online. They'd much rather draft in their notebook and put the finished draft on the computer. 

Can't wait to start student blogging. I'd love to show them some student blogs. Does anyone reading this post have their students blogging already? If you're interested in having sixth graders read and comment on blogs, please leave your information in the comments. I'd love to have models for the students to read and comment.

Once our blogs are up and running we'd love to have you stop by and read and comment. I'll be sure to share all of the information when we are ready. 

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  1. My students are blogging at
    They are a mixed age group from 2nd-6th grade in gifted. I have found that the better posts are the ones the students compose first in their notebooks. Revision happens naturally as they post. Funny how you have to give them permission to revise as they post. Look forward to reading what your students write.


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