Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Say Thank You!

Thank you to Holly for this wonderful link up to celebrate our spiritual journey. Today the topic is GRATITUDE. Join us!

Being grateful changed my life. 
It's all about perspective. The red light can aggravate me and make me annoyed...or it can be a signal to slow down, enjoy the song on the radio, or have time to say a prayer. Being in a state of gratitude is what I work towards...yet, there are so many moments when I fall short. 

Sharing gratitude helps.
Having a practice of gratitude helps me. I share my gratitude with friends and family each morning. The accountability helps me continue this practice, especially on days when I want to quit. It's changed me. I look for the small things for which to be grateful and I notice the big things more easily! 

Gratitude is contagious.

Recently, I shared a gratitude challenge from a blogging friend, Terje, with my students.  Capture a list of 100 things to be grateful for. Today a student shared her list of THREE HUNDRED things to be grateful for. 

One of my favorite things to do when I struggle to see the gratitude is to listen to music. Music can immediately remind me of what's important. Currently, I have fourteen songs on my iPhone with a version of thanks in the title. My current favorite is this: 

Thank you for reading this!


  1. Thanks for sharing this song - I love it! Your spirit of gratitude shines through all the time!

  2. Michelle, This is a wonderful way to start my day. Looking forward to seeing you very soon!

  3. Michelle, I am grateful that I am out of the traffic jam in NYC area to get to NCTE. It has been a difficult hour ride so far but the music is helping. The eyes in the video are piercing and beautiful. Thank you for sharing this this morning.

  4. What a beautiful song to accompany your post about being grateful! As I drive to school each morning, I try to play music and sing and shout my praises to God. Arriving at school with a new attitude and ready for the day. I think it might be time to actually put some music on my phone as well..... Happy Thanksgiving Michelle!

  5. So thankful God gives music to us.
    Your grateful heart is always shining.

  6. Agree -- it's a beautiful song that reminds us of an important topic -- a perspective of gratitude. Thank you for sharing. :) I'm blessed by your thoughts and sharings.


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