Saturday, December 13, 2014

Celebrating This Week

I love celebrating on Saturday mornings! Thank you to Ruth for providing a place to celebrate. Join us here

This week I celebrate Christmas socks. Wearing Christmas socks makes me happy...they put me in the holiday mood.

I celebrate finding just the right gift for my family and friends. Inspiration came late this year, but I feel like I've found some meaningful and fun gifts for those I love. 

I celebrate Bella and her new bed. I finally found one that she likes. 

I celebrate slowing down as much as I can. This month can get chaotic and crazy, but I'm working hard on staying focused on being calm and thoughtful. 

I celebrate a new One Little Word. I think I may have a new word picked out, but I am open to suggestions. Past words include: mettle, engage, embrace, build, author, and risk. For more information about One Little Word, click here

What are your celebrations today?


  1. I loved seeing Bella in her bed on FB, Michelle. She is so cute. Glad you're still trying to slow down. I do take a few hours in the day (evening) for myself, but with the holidays, I need more! Nevertheless, having fun with holiday things, enjoying Christmas decorating, too. Have a nice weekend!

  2. Oh dear - shopping. I need to get on that!! It's almost time for a new OLW already!! It's going to be hard to give mine up (JOURNEY) because I've actually had it for a year and a half and love it. I can't wait to hear yours! I haven't been very successful at staying calm and thoughtful instead of chaotic and crazy. I keep trying, though!

  3. We want to see Bella in her new bed! :) I have loved reading how people celebrate this time of year, and all the reflections. I want to do more with my OLW next year, but had a good one this year, and already have mine picked out for next year. :) Have a great rest of the weekend!

  4. Calm is a lovely thing. Slowing down is something I look forward to as well!

  5. Michelle, I love socks too. I hope yours are cozy and warm. Slowing down is a beautiful thought. I want to capture some of your focused attention to this cause.

  6. You crack me up. I want to see a picture of your festive feet. I am still working on the gift thing. I decided not to freak but now I am getting close. I especially need to finish for the ones to ship. I did get my tree decorated yesterday with the help of my daughter. Now it feels like Christmas.

  7. Love the sock celebrations - festive feet made me smile! I also love your reference to calm in the midst of chaos - it's a hectic time of year and I need to remind myself to do a little deep breathing too! Thanks for the reminder for OLW - I am definitely going to work on finding one to start the new year! Thanks for sharing!


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