Thursday, January 8, 2015

FOCUS on my Spiritual Journey

How's this for irony...I'm having a hard time FOCUSing this morning, which is why this blog post is later than I planned. 

FOCUS. To me focus means discipline, commitment, follow through, attention. When I find focus, it's amazing and's the act of finding it that's so challenging for me. We live in a world filled with distractions. It's rare that I find myself doing one thing at a time (even now, I have the tv on, muted, while I'm writing this and I'm sure I'll toggle over to Facebook once or twice). Focus is hard. Focus is work. 

There are a few activities in my life where I stop and give my complete focus. 
1. Driving...although I listen to music or audiobooks, driving is dangerous and really requires my complete attention. 
2. Reading...I am not able to read when there's noise around me. I need complete silence to get into that zone. 
3. Writing...again, when I am creating a piece of writing I need the words to flow over me and through me. Distractions make it almost impossible to write well. (TV is off now.)
4. the morning, I say a daily prayer as I am drying my hair. (OK, does this still count as focusing?!?!) Every single day. I try and BE the words and really stay present with them. As I pray throughout the day, I find focus within myself...even if I'm surrounded by speak with God. 

While I need to control the distractions around me, I also need to FOCUS on what's in front of me. Finding God around me in times of stress and joy and confusion...that helps me focus on my faith. My belief that I'm not going through this life alone. 

I was searching for a scripture verse to help me write this morning and I found this from The Voice version of the Bible...


  1. Your verse so inspired me. It ties so great with the word "focus." Jesus focused on us when He was dieing. What a miracle. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yes, Michelle, distractions are all around us but being present in the moment is how I am going to try and focus. I read and then listened to the words of Hebrews 12:2. I am indebted to this band of Spiritual Journey Thursday bloggers who are my witnesses that are running the race of faith alongside me. Thank You, Michelle for your post.

  3. I'll one up you on irony - I was commenting and then got distracted, and the whole thing disappeared! Ha. Thus, my need for FOCUS. So obviously, I can relate to your multitasking. I'm intrigued by The Voice version of the Bible. I've never heard of it. Is is like The Message? Are the bolded sentences from The Voice, or is that your commentary? I think different translations are so intriguing. Thank you for your thoughts. I'm loving this OLW exploration! My take away from your post is that when we FOCUS on God and other spiritual mentors, we know we are not alone and are inspired to keep focused on the course set out for us.

    1. Holly, The Voice version of the Bible is similar to The Message, but I'd say not as informal. The bolded sentences are commentary from that version of the Bible. I'd recommend it. I enjoy reading it! Thanks for your leadership in this OLW exploration!

  4. "We are surrounded by an army of witnesses." I love these words and now it is our turn to run the race of faith. "Now stay focused on Jesus," - wise words indeed.

  5. An army of witnesses and lots of little eyes. Today I had a moment of clear focus. I wanted to finish the book I was reading, so I told my students that I needed some quiet time to read. I was amazed. When my focus was turned away and on the book, they, too, comfortably settled in to focus. Is that witness or just luck?

  6. Beautiful verse! It really appears that most of us need help in order to maintain focus! Good thing we have these Spiritual Journey Thursday posts! Thank you for sharing so honestly! Your words always give me hope:)

  7. I am going to age to check out The Voice version. I of course was drawn to "It is now our turn." I think this reflects what this group is all about - an army of witnesses. Each one being a support, drawing us together to build on each others' experiences and thoughts.

  8. The whole idea of you praying while you dry your hair is great! (I carry prayer cards with me everywhere).
    Its so great that you acknowledge your distractions and the repercussions of that. Defining focus as follow through is so important. I am glad you called attention to that!


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