Saturday, February 14, 2015

Celebrating Love Today!

Thank you Ruth for this opportunity (and reminder) to celebrate this blessing of life!

Valentine's Day when you are single is a tricky thing. I've had years where I've felt angry and cheated. I've had years when I ignored the holiday. This year, I'm single and I'm celebrating how much love is in my life! I'm surrounded by love and shown love by so many amazing people. That's the love I celebrate today!

I celebrate the love shown to me by my friends. 

The time spent talking and listening. The dinners out. The quick hugs and coffee chats. Life is busy and my friends are so important to me, so we often find any time we can to touch base and talk. My friends add so much to my life and I'm grateful for their love and laughter and the wisdom and joy they bring to my life!

I celebrate the love from my family! 

My family is everywhere!! Massachusetts. Texas. North Carolina. New York. Florida. We email and talk on the phone when we can. Knowing that they are there is enough. Every morning as I walk my dog, I talk to my mom on the phone. I love those 6am phone calls. We laugh and vent and connect. I'm so happy that we have that ritual!

I celebrate love from my students! 
Yesterday in class we worked hard on revising our writing. I had Valentine's Day stickers for them...but they are sixth graders, so I didn't know how it would be received. They LOVED the stickers. Watching these otherwise "cool" students put the stickers on their shirt or their hand or their foreheads reminded me that we all need to be shown love. I'm so lucky that I get to spend time with these thoughtful and kind students.  

I celebrate the memory of Valentine's Day as a kid. 

My dad always made sure that we (me and my sister) got a card and some chocolates or flowers! Dad showed us such love all the time, not only on Valentine's Day. 

Today, I'm going to spend the day making cards for people I love. (I know, I should've already mailed the cards, but better late than never!) I'm also going to make sure I have an ice cream sundae to remember my dad. Wishing you a Valentine's Day filled with all kinds of love!


  1. Love every bit, Michelle, but especially that ice cream sundae. There is love to go around from many places as you write. I also love that little heart at the beginning-assume you created it-special! Happy Valentine's Day!

    1. Thanks Linda! Yes, I drew it. (And don't tell...but I had ice cream for breakfast!!!!) ;)

  2. Friendships can be the best LOVE out there. I'm happy you get to celebrate those special bonds. Homemade cards are one of those gifts that that warm the soul. Way to go and Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. There is so much love in your life. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. I love your card making! Did you know one story of St. Valentine is that before he was martyred he left a note of encouragement for the child of his jailer? I don't know how accurate this detail is, but I was reading another blog post about Valentine's day today and ran across this tidbit. Encouragement for others sounds like something St. Valentine would have done! A beautiful celebration!

  5. So much love flowing in an around your life is definitely a gift. Thanks for sharing the joy. :)

  6. Lovely celebrations! Happy Valentines to you. Sending you thoughts of chocolates, hearts, stickers, flowers and hugs!

  7. This is a beautiful celebration of lots and lots of love. Thank you for letting it overflow for all of us!

  8. Love is all around when we take the time to look for it and share it with others. I had fun watching my first 6th grade Valentine's Day - they are so cute bringing their gifts and trying to deliver without anyone seeing them!

  9. Jennifer shared a similar post today...reminding ourselves of love that surrounds us is a great way to celebrate! HappyValentines Day Michelle!

  10. What an awesome role model your dad was! My husband does the same thing for our kids (and I don't even have to remind him). You truly have so much love in your life, Michelle!


  11. Michelle, when you are a loving person you reap the rewards. I am so glad that you have so many reasons to celebrate love this week. I love your little heart creation that you told Linda you drew. You should have signed it so we can spread the love around with your creation. I just posted my celebration blog on togetherness.

  12. I love your attitude. I have one daughter who is single and she has struggled with this too. This year she was celebrating family love too.


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