Saturday, February 7, 2015

FLYing into Celebrations!

Thank you Ruth for this opportunity (and reminder) to celebrate this blessing of life!

I'm tired...but I celebrate this tired-ness because it means a life least a week well-lived! Today I celebrate a full week of school. While I love a snow day like anyone, I appreciate the fact that being in a routine is better for me and for my students!

I celebrate writing. We are working on independent pieces of writing and sharing them in writing groups. It's amazing to watch these sixth graders carefully craft their writing. Blogging three times a week has become a norm for them and writing another piece on top of that...WOW! 

I celebrate read alouds that touch my students! I finished reading The Crossover the day it won the Newbery Award. Now my students and I are experiencing it together as a read aloud and really enjoying it! A novel in verse about middle school twins playing basketball?!?! Genius! We are soaking up every syllable of every poem!

Speaking of novels in verse...that's my independent writing's what I chose to write with my students.  I've been working on my writing more and more these past few weeks and I'm excited about it. It's hard, but so worth it! 

I celebrate love. I've been working hard on seeing life through the eyes of love...seeing with empathy and believing that the motivation of others is good, not bad. You know, "Be Kind; everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." Rev. Watson  

It's hard on days when I'm overwhelmed and tired. It's hard with people who've hurt me before...but the struggle to do this is worth it. I like what Glennon Doyle Melton added on to the end of that quote,  "Be kind; everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."Rev. Watson "Including you!" Glennon Doyle Melton.

Looking at life through eyes of love means that life feels a little different...a little lighter, a bit more almost feels like FLYing. 


  1. I started reading Crossover aloud on Monday after it won. What a treat for my students! They love it and can't get enough. It makes a great read aloud.

  2. I'm reading Crossover this week. So Amazing! You always have wisdom in your posts. Yes, I need to remember everyone has a story, and I need to lean in to hear it. Thanks for that reminder. :)

  3. I loved Crossover and was pleasantly surprised when it won. ( I really thought Brown Girl Dreaming would win.) Even through your tough weeks, you always find that positive side of things. Your positivity certainly helps me to FLY! Have a great weekend.

  4. Life that is lighter and more joy filled IS flying! You have chosen the perfect OLW for yourself this year. I am enjoying sharing in your flight!


  5. Your comment about the need for routine hits home with me. TOO many storms blowing through means that there are many interruptions in our learning/living/writing/reading routines. While I can appreciate a good day with nothing to do but read, for lots of my students it's a day of screen time.

  6. Michelle,
    I agree with the idea of routine...having another snow day this week means another day gone...athough I loved being home on Monday because of being sick. I also love your positivity and trying to show love and caring for those around us fighting battles...great mantra to keep in mind! So true. Thanks for the reminder to love all.

  7. Beautiful reflection Michelle and no wonder you are tired -- in a good way though. I am in awe of your 6th graders writing production! I haven't read Crossover yet. How powerful you and your kiddos must have felt finishing it on the day it wins!

  8. Crossover was one of the books we read in our Mock Newbery book club. It's such a powerful book with memorable characters. I've already recommended that 6th grade teachers use it as a read aloud. How fun that you're celebrating love? I love that yellow bird - a recent purchase? Definitely a reminder to fly!

    1. I hate it when I find errors in my comments. How fun that you're celebrating love! (that punctuation should have been an exclamation mark . . . not a question mark. Sure wish we could edit our comments.

  9. I love hearing about your celebrations, Michelle. Fun to hear that you're reading Crossover aloud-what a special book! And I love that little bird. Did you discover a name yet? Have a great week!

  10. Sometimes it's hard to find the good in things. I caught myself reflecting on something like that too today - how I really wouldn't want to skip through a day to get to a good one. I might miss something positive.
    I did not read The Crossover! I was really surprised to see it called out on awards day! But the positive thing is I have a great book to read in my future!

  11. "I celebrate this tired-ness because it means a life well-lived"


    And I love that you finished The Crossover the day it won the Newbery. What an amazing day that was to be there and hear it announced in person!

  12. I hope that your well-lived week was followed by a relaxing weekend. I like how you choose a lens that turns the tired-ness into joy-filled. Fly, girl, fly!


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