Friday, February 6, 2015

REACHing on My Spiritual Journey

Thank you to Holly for this place to share our 
spiritual journeys! Join us at Holly's blog.

REACH is Margaret's OLW for 2015. Reach. It's a word filled with potential, with possibility, with hope. REACH means still working towards something, still trying, not giving up! I like to think that those words describes my spiritual journey...possibility, hope, working towards being better...always working towards being better! Every time the word REACH popped into my head this week, I heard Gloria Estefan singing...


I love these opportunities to really reflect on the OLWs of others because it nudges me to really sit with a word....a word like REACH, a word used often, that I never truly contemplated. 


  1. Keep the amaryllis!

  2. The video has so many perfect images of Reaching!


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