Friday, March 6, 2015

Adventure in My Spiritual Journey

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I am not someone that is drawn towards ADVENTURE! I confess...I worry. I am a homebody. I often play it safe. Because of this I picked RISK as my OLW last year and FLY this year. ADVENTURE still seems too big for me. When I stop and reflect on what ADVENTURE really means, I do like an ADVENTURE. That word reminds me of my childhood. I remember my dad saying, "We're going to go on an ADVENTURE!" I wonder as I write this, When did I get so scared? 

My spiritual journey and ADVENTURE?!?! Hmmm, believing in God is not a risk to me. My faith is there. Sharing it can sometimes be risky. I continue to work on that and grow. I was raised to believe in God, but not talk about it. No one talked about faith. It was a given. We believed. We went to church. When I think about ADVENTURE in my spiritual journey, I worry that I am not ADVENTUROUS enough. Have I mentioned that I am a worrier? I try no to be...but being laid back and relaxed does not come naturally to me. I came by this grandmother was a world class worrier. Anyway, I feel like I should be traveling to the ends of the Earth on mission trips. That would be a spiritual ADVENTURE. I can't do it. Not yet...maybe someday. 

My spiritual ADVENTURE hero is Father Gregory Boyle. He is a Jesuit priest who lives and works with the gangs in Los Angeles. He started Homeboy Industries. I am reading his book Tattoos on the Heart. To me, the life Fr. Boyle is living is a spiritual ADVENTURE. I admire his compassion and his bravery to do the work that is needed. He sees Jesus in everyone. One of my favorite lines in the book is about a waitress who shows kindness, "She is Jesus in an apron." 


  1. Michelle, I think you are very adventurous in your writing. You take risks to share your story. You get other people excited about writing. I just commented on a post yesterday whose author had been inspired by you!! Perhaps I could say, you are Jesus with a pen (or marker) and notebook in your hand!

  2. I love Jaana's comment - yes, yes, yes. Have you read Ramona's post from yesterday? She expanded the word adventure. I agree with Jaana - you are very adventurous in your writing. You're honest and vulnerable. Do you know how many people are too afraid to share their writing? You show your adventurous spirit to us all the time!!

  3. I believe that your honesty invites adventure every day. It's a glimpse into your soul - which involves adventure and trust. I love reading what you write; it causes me to stop, consider things from different perspectives, and grow.

  4. I agree! What a great line..."She is Jesus in an apron."
    Thank you for talking about Jesus on your blog.


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