Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Annoyed or Grateful?!?!

Today is my 10th  slice for the 
March Slice of Life Challenge 

I like to stay positive, but I'm going to get real today. I'm going to write about things that annoy me. (It's a great generating writing idea to do with students too!) Here's my list of things that annoy me... they all happened on Monday!!!

1. Less sleep.
I know my post on Sunday was about celebrating the time change, but Monday I was TIRED. The students were TIRED. It was a slow moving day!

2. Spelling errors.
We all make mistakes. I get that. (I feel like there are many days when I make more than most!) BUT, a spelling error on a document that went out to hundreds of people! REALLY?!?! What about spell check? What about having a colleague proofread your draft?!?! This got me crazy!!!!

3. Group texts.
OK. I'm going to say it...at the risk of alienating friends and colleagues. No offense is intended, but I DESPISE group texts! With the constant replies that never seem to end. I want out. Please no more group texts. Group emails...that works. And NO group texts at night!!

OK...so I don't leave things here on a negative note...I will counteract this list of annoying things with three things I'm grateful for on Monday...

1. I got to talk with my niece and nephew. Hearing giggles and "I love you Auntie Chelle!" is all I need to make me smile. I love hearing Jillian excited about her birthday gift and Jack telling me about his sight words and the word on his word wall!

2. Laughing with my students. The new running joke in class is my obsession with pens. They are so funny!

3. Finding exactly what I need at the store AND having that item be on sale! Kind and smiling workers. Friendly customers.

4. Ending my day with Bella cuddles and a long walk in the warm weather.

I guess...the gratitude outweighed the annoyances! 


  1. I am totally with you on groups texts! The way that you turned around your annoyances to share about gratefulness, you are staying true to the name of your blog! I need to laugh more with my students today (even in the middle of testing). Thanks for the reminder!

  2. I am not a fan of group texts either. I always forget to look to see who is in the group before I reply. (Luckily, that hasn't worked against me so far...) It's always good to end the day with things we love like Bella cuddles and talking with family. Have an amazing day, friend!


  3. Group texts are the worse, especially when they come at you with dings, and ESPECIALLY when they are on someone else's phone that YOU have to listen to. I'm glad that your pros outweighed your cons. Enjoy Tuesday!

  4. Lots of things have annoyed me already this week. Ha. Being in the middle of testing and having my schedule messed up for 13 days straight will do that to a person! However, I also have lots of things to be grateful for, so thanks for that reminder. I needed it on this dark, rainy day.

  5. Love how you balanced your annoyances with your gratitudes. Sometimes all we can do with the annoyances is smile and move on because we know they will not change.

  6. It is okay to feel annoyed...It's honest and human. Thanks for being REAL!


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