Thursday, March 19, 2015

Being Brave in My Spiritual Journey...Trying to Fly!


Today this blog post is serving two 19th slice for the March Slice of Life Challenge on the Two Writing Teachers's also my contribution for Spiritual Journey Thursday on Holly Mueller's blog!

BRAVE. The first thing that comes to mind when I hear that word is this song...

I love this much so that I bought a notebook with one of the lyrics on the cover...

What does it mean to be BRAVE spiritually? There are so many verses about courage, about God walking with us...walking with me. I believe that. I believe that God is walking with me. I believe that I am never alone. My problem is allowing His voice in...with listening.

I was looking up a quote and my entire blog post is changing direction. What does being BRAVE mean? I wanted to find the person who said, "Being afraid and doing it anyway". In looking for that quote, I came across this post from Momastery. She made me see those words in a different way. BRAVE is personal. Sometimes being BRAVE is saying no to the scary thing....
Doing what is right is BRAVE.
Being quiet is BRAVE.
Speaking up is BRAVE.
Cooking dinner is BRAVE.
Ordering out is BRAVE.
Leaving is BRAVE.
Staying is BRAVE.
Writing is BRAVE.
Reading is BRAVE.
Saying YES is BRAVE.
Saying NO is BRAVE.
Pushing though is BRAVE.
Giving up is BRAVE.
Staying in bed is BRAVE.
Waking up is BRAVE.
Praying is BRAVE.
Listening is BRAVE.

Loving is always BRAVE.

Don't let anyone tell you what BRAVE looks like. What does BRAVE look like for you?
I am BRAVE when I smile when I feel sad.
I am BRAVE when I do something that scares me.
I am BRAVE when I say, "No, Thank you!"
I am BRAVE when I accept the invitation.
I am BRAVE when I apologize.
I am BRAVE when I pray.
I am BRAVE when I sing at the top of my lungs in my car.
I am BRAVE when I paint.
I am BRAVE when I write.
I am BRAVE when I smile at someone.
I am BRAVE when I share my writing.
I am BRAVE when I meet new people.
I am BRAVE when I show my true self to someone for the first time.
I am BRAVE when I run.
I am BRAVE when I walk my dog.
I am BRAVE when I cook for my friends.
I am BRAVE when I eat at McDonalds.
I am BRAVE when I offer an unpopular opinion.
I am BRAVE when I express my needs. I am BRAVE when I make the hard choice.
I am BRAVE when I stand up for myself. I am BRAVE when I try something new. I am BRAVE when I admit that I am wrong. I am BRAVE when I forgive others. I am BRAVE when I forgive myself. I am BRAVE when I stay. I am BRAVE when I leave.


  1. Your post certainly sums up so many of my thoughts this week. I have needed to be brave and am glad that I too am not alone on this journey. Lately, I was thinking this SOL community is a bit like a flock of angels on earth....perhaps it is.

  2. I write in
    a notebook with one of the lyrics on the cover,
    channeling this song of harmony and rhythm
    into my stories and poems,
    a melodic mentor text running through my mind,
    allowing the voice to enter in,
    and enter out on the page, as words.

    --Kevin, line lifting as comment. This song came on Pandora the other day, and I started humming it (I have most of her albums, too) and my youngest son asked: You like this, dad? Me: Of course. You gotta be brave out in the world? He didn't respond, but I think he listened to the lyrics a bit more closely after that.

  3. Being brave is personal.
    I love that.
    Thanks for planting that in my heart and mind as I get another busy day started!

  4. For me being brave is saying no thank you! I also received someone's bravery two weeks ago through an apology they gave me. It's powerful and not easy but bravery is important. What a great reflection and boy do I love this song. It was our class along last year and we used to for everything. A very cool song to close read and interpret with kids.

  5. Love the song! Love the notebook! (Where did you get it?) Love your thoughts on what being brave means! I might need to "borrow" your list to write my own. I see you BRAVE every time I read your post! Your words are BRAVE!

  6. Great song! Being brave can be loud or quiet and is quite personal. Sometimes we miss bravery when it is expressed in a whisper or in a deed that goes unnoticed. This is a great list, Michelle! YOU are brave!

    1. P.S. I hadn't watched the video for awhile - it's so great!

  7. The form of this post is so spot on. I struggled with this word and am not very pleased with the result. It doesn't feel real to me. This post feels real. We have to define bravery for ourselves. Coming to the page every day is certainly brave. Thanks for being such an inspiration today.

  8. Love that song and the video. This post is a important message for our students. When we are our true selves we are BRAVE. Thank you Michelle.

  9. Michelle, my Maddie (5) is learning how to be brave, remember?

    I love your list so much. Like, really really love it. I'm going to make one with Maddie for sure!

  10. I love this post. You are so right. Being brave is very personal. Your post is giving me ideas to use with some of my kids.

  11. Another inspiring post, Michelle - bravery is about making choices, in all we do.

  12. Love the way you approached this word. What a great question and a fabulous list! Thanks for the excitement you bring to our journey each week.

  13. "Brave is personal" YES! I have also listened to this song many times over the past few months, and I love the video. Watching it again on your post I think part of why I love the video is each person is just BEING, dancing in their own way. This time the lyric line that stuck out for me was "Why don't you tell them the truth." Allowing others to see who we each really are is also brave. Thank you for the encouragement and poem!


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