Monday, March 23, 2015

Exclamation Points!!!

Today is my 23rd slice for the 
March Slice of Life Challenge on Two Writing Teachers.

As I was innocently scrolling through Twitter, I found this tweet by Kelly Gallagher. He is an educator and author whom I respect greatly! His tweet:
All said in good jest...but for some reason it stuck with me. It stuck with me as I commented on others blogs. It stuck with me as I composed emails. It stuck.

It stuck because...I am an overuser or exclamation points! I use them ALL the time! Sometimes, when I really get excited about something...I use multiple exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!

As I was writing, I found myself resisting the call of the EP (exclamation point). I tried to use a period...BORING...or only one EP. I stopped and thought to myself, "Why? Why are you doing this?" We all have writing styles and we all make choices. I have no thoughts about you if you do not use EPs or if you use them "sparingly"...but for's BORING!!!

A few weeks ago I wrote about my love of the EP and how I'd discovered an old email from my Dad filled with EPs. It's a connection to him.

Last week, I read aloud ! by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld to my students...

I feel like this book explains my love of the EP!!! Oh and my students loved it so much that I have a group writing the sequel...the EP and the question mark become best friends...they never leave each other's side...The Interrobang!

It's all love here for the exclamation point! Use as many as you like in your comments. It's my 3rd favorite punctuation mark. 

1. Interrobang
2. Ellipsis
3. Exclamation Point

What's your favorite and why? 


  1. I totally agree with you, Michelle! I love exclamation points! I feel like they communicate the feeling and enthusiasm behind the words. After all, I can't use my facial expressions and dramatic arm movements while expressing myself with the written word. I need exclamation points!!! So, let's keep using them!

  2. Love this! I also find myself deleting EPs. It's wonderful that it provides a connection with your dad. EP's rule!

  3. I love exclamation points too! And why not use them???!!!! Life should be filled with lots of moments that need them!!!!

  4. I am a self-admitted overuser of the exclamation point as well!! I'm not sure why. I try to control them, but they just take over!!!! (However, I'm not familiar with the 'interrobang'...Am I missing some fun punctuation that I don't know about??!?!?!!)

  5. Oh, I think interrobang is my favourite! Thanks for teaching me that word. I use it all the time. And why not?!

  6. Great post! The exclamation point is so versatile and says so much just by being thee. Let's hear it for the exclamation point!!!

  7. You are mistaken! The great exclamation mark/point should be your favorite punctuation mark! I never understand when people say they are overused or too informal- they always seem right to me! Do you see how restrained I have been here?!

  8. Ah, yes! The EP is one of my favorites too and as I was a reading your slice, I was thinking of the ! book. I love that you shared it with your class and then they created the sequel! So clever!!! EP, when used appropriately adds punch to your message! I think what Kelly is referring to is the multiple upon multiple use of the !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, that's not necessary! But a couple!!!! That's ok!

  9. That tweet and this post make me laugh. Not too long ago, my husband got "in trouble" from our daughters for not using enough exclamation points and emojis in his texts. They wanted more enthusiasm! Now, his texts are riddled with enough EP and emojis to make one wish nothing had ever been said! Ha. But my daughters love it because now he seems enthusiastic about everything he says. I love exclamation points!!!! They seem way friendlier than a period. ;-)

  10. That is funny because I have noticed your use of EP's and just thought it was your personality shining through! You did introduce me to a new word - interrobang. Never knew there a was name for that!
    That would make a great sequel!

  11. I am an overuser of the exclamation point also!!! And I so love that your students are writing a sequel to that book! Who doesn't love the interrobang?! No one that has seen my writing...that's for sure!!

  12. I am totally with you! (after all I wrote a post about EPs as well!) Exclamation point just makes my point! I need less words when I use EPs!! I had to Google interrobang. The image told me everything I needed to know! It is now part of my punctuation marks as well!

  13. I rather like the exclamation point, too...especially in march comments!

  14. I totally overuse the exclamation point. I readily admit it! I also talk like that in real life. I try to just be a happy and enthusiastic person overall.

    Thanks for sharing!

    -Amanda at

  15. We are over users and we are gathered here today...

    Just kidding. I'm with Leigh Anne. It shows personality and mood!! Let your !!!!!!! shine!


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