Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Never Enough Time...

Today is my 18th slice for the 
March Slice of Life Challenge on Two Writing Teachers.

Not enough time...

Am I ready?
Today I am working with teachers all day-
Sub plans are done.
Classroom is set up.
My sixth graders are taken care of...

What else needs to be done?
Presentation for class number one is prepped.
Videos created and uploaded.
Activities set.
Still need to make copies.

Who is bringing snack?
Grading and planning for
class number two is done.
Email reminders sent.
Inspired by watching the
growth of these teachers!

Days like these
provide valuable
opportunities to
learn, network, and
thrive as educators...but,

I'll miss my students today.
There's never enough time!


  1. The students will be fine. Enjoy your graduate classes. It matters that you are reaching beyond your classroom walls, being a change maker.

  2. What a neat perspective where you are staying connected to your classroom but reaching out into our profession. I can hoe it's double the work though...phew! Now that you are prepped for both...enjoy!!!

  3. This is when I want to be two people. Enjoy your time. I bet those with whom you're working will love the day with you, Michelle.

  4. You are right about these days providing great opportunities. I always equate being away from students to being away from my own children. Sometimes we need that in order to become rejuvenated. Enjoy your day with the fellow teachers.

  5. There is always so much to do to prepare for being out of school - ESPECIALLY if you have to prepare a presentation besides! I'm sure your students will miss you, too!

  6. Amen! There is never enough time. I often wish there were two of for school, one for home. One to sit down and relax, one to do the laundry. One to cook dinner, one to help with homework. The list goes on and on. I'm sure your students will miss you too, but it's important to change things up once in a while and appreciate what's on the other side of the fence.

  7. I remember planning for subs...and it was lots of work...but well worth it if things went smoothly. How great that you are expanding yourself to the graduate level and also staying connected with the 6th graders. I imagine some days may seem like lots of stuff going on...but as you said...well worth it. Continue your journey. Jackie


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