Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Gift of Teamwork

Today is my 11th  slice for the 
March Slice of Life Challenge 

Today I spent the day with a group of amazing teachers. We work all over our county in different schools. Together we make up the team that leads our professional development for middle schools. We don't meet as often as we used to, but these days are so precious to me. Days like this are filled with plans and problem solving. We create "perfect worlds" and we reside there for as long as we can!

Leaving my students for the day is never my first choice. It's hard to leave them with a substitute...but days like today are necessary. They feed me. They give me ideas and energy and confidence and faith. I return to the classroom invigorated.

As I write this I realize, YOU give me these things too. My readers, my PLN...your words lift me up, your support holds me together. I am blessed to know so many positive, hardworking, inspiring teachers! Your students are blessed too!


  1. It's definitely an essential part of the job! I would have to agree that it's never easy to prep for a substitute but meeting with collegues like this makes for a great day. I always wish our district could get grade levels together because if we are all doing similar things, then why not put those minds together especially if some have already figured some of the work out ;)

    Glad you took time out to share how thankful you are :-)

  2. Collaboration with innovative educators is such a MUST - it definitely invigorates and inspires. I can tell there is a lot of great energy in that room! :-)

  3. Happy to hear about your awesome day, Michelle. It is wonderful to meet with a group to talk about what we love-teaching.

  4. It is wonderful to have a team whose brain you could pick and with whom you can toss out ideas all in working on a solution. Glad you have such a team.


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