Saturday, April 18, 2015

Spiritual Journey: LOVE

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April is poetry month. This month I will be crafting and sharing original poems. Often, these poems will be messy and early drafts. Many of us are sharing our poems on twitter using the hashtag, #digipoetry. We hope you join us!

This post was supposed to be for Thursday. I even had all my ideas planned out and then life got in the way. I've been resisting blogging for the week, but I have been writing like crazy in my notebook! Funny, isn't it? This week we are writing about LOVE. The first thing I have to say about this is my life is blessed with much LOVE and for that I am grateful. My faith is based on the idea of LOVE. Jesus taught us to LOVE and showed us how to LOVE. I just finished a book that will be released in August titled, For the Love. It's written by the amazing and funny and wise Jen Hatmaker. The words in that book ooze love! (Does ooze have the wrong connotation?!?! Sorry, but it's the best way to describe it!) 

I fear that the word LOVE is reduced to one kind of LOVE...the romantic kind. Now, don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with that, but limiting LOVE to only that is wrong! I confess, I am the one that does that- as sometimes (often) I feel left out when the subject of LOVE comes up. I am working on changing that and reminding myself that LOVE is out there and to quote a song, it's all around!

This past week in the graduate class that I'm facilitating we did some writing. The topic was home. I wrote two list like poems about home. The first was sad. It was all about what my home is missing...the people that I feel are missing from my life. Here it is...

We were asked to play with our writing (revise). I decided to start from the end instead. This second version isn't done, but notice the changes?!?! The tone, the words, the emotion?!?! The LOVE...

LOVE really is everywhere. Jesus LOVEs me and you and everyone! The lesson I'm learning in life right now is I need to look for the LOVE. Witness it. Be open to it. Stop expecting it to look like some preconceived notion. LOVE exists and surrounds us every moment of every day. We have to open our eyes and be ready to accept it!


  1. Your post is exquisite! Love is as diverse and complex as the human heart. It comes in many sizes and shapes. Unconditional love is rare - but there is one who does love us unconditionally. .

  2. Wow - love the revisions and what it did to change the perspective from a home empty and lacking to a home full of joy and love. Your line about getting rid of preconceived notions is so important! The #spiritualjourney posts are never too late. So glad you wrote about love! :-)


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