Saturday, May 2, 2015

Celebrations Everywhere!

Thank you Ruth for this opportunity (and reminder) to celebrate this blessing of life! Join us here to celebrate.

Yesterday afternoon I was struggling with a grumpy mood. I couldn't shake it. A friend offered to cover my class while I stepped out for a moment to gather myself. When I returned, this is what was waiting for me. Each sticky note filled with compliments and kind words for me from my students!

I celebrate kindness and thoughtfulness. These words literally lifted me out of my gloom and opened my eyes to the blessings sitting in front of me. 

I celebrate the POWER of Twitter. I changed my Twitter header and look what happened!!! Here is my new header...

My students loved being called GENUIS LEARNERS! I love the idea of writing about our classroom community and sharing it with Angela Maiers. Her books and blog have taught me and inspired me and helped me become a better teacher. You should check out her TED Video about You Matter! These words have changed my classroom this year!

I celebrate music! Last night some friends and I attended a concert...Matthew West. His music uplifts and inspires me. I loved every single song! (I also got 11,781 steps with all of the dancing.) Here's a taste...

My final celebration this week is Bella. It was a year ago that I found her in the shelter and adopted her. I can't believe it's only a year since she came home! She is so important to me and such a wonderful dog!


  1. What a nice surprise your students left for you! I caught a few of your tweets between you and Angela and wondered what was going on. How awesome for you! Congratulations to Bella as well on her one year anniversary of finding a forever home. :)


    1. Thank heaven for special colleagues! And it sounds like you have built a really terrific community with your students!

  2. Lots of wonderful here, Michelle. Those sticky notes mean a lot for sure, glad you had fun with your new twitter header-what a great connection; and the music must have been so good. Finally, Bella looks like a very sweet dog-so glad you found her! Hoping we'll connect this coming week! Excited!

  3. Wow - so many great things. I had no idea that Bella was such a new addition to your life. Love the pic of her on her pink pad. She looks so happy. Love the sticky notes from your students too. Happy weekend!

  4. I think Charlie would love to meet Bella. Such kindness in her eyes. What a great gift your colleague and students gave you...sticky note love! You Matter is a great motto. I'm just sad we won't be sharing all this kindness at NCTE.

  5. Yay! For all everything from the "H" of post its love to Bella. Don't you love the message of you matter! Gives such power to those who feel powerless.

  6. I love everything about this post. Thanks for putting a smile on my face!

  7. Love how the grumpy start turns into kind and grateful celebration.

  8. Wonderful celebrations today! I have seen many things about positive post-its lately and I am wondering how I can use this to end up our school year. I can't believe it has been a year since you got Bella! Seems like yesterday! Have a great Sunday!

  9. LOVED that last picture of Bella - look at that smile! She is one happy doggie!

  10. Michelle, not only do your students matter but they think you matter too. How wonderful that they think so highly of you. All the rest of celebrations sing of joy, Michelle. Enjoy life.

  11. Your students matter and SO DO YOU. It sounds like you took a tough week and made it more "positive" through music, dog kisses and sticky notes. A teacher has to do what she has to do! I hope this coming week is happy and healthy!


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