Saturday, March 5, 2016

Celebrating Bella

Thank you to Stacey, Betsy, Dana, Tara, Beth, Anna, Kathleen & Deb for this amazing platform to write and share writing! What a wonderful community you've created! I'm honored to be part of it. Join us at Two Writing Teachers.

Bella is my sweet dog. She's three years old. I rescued her from our local shelter almost two years ago. She has such a sweet face and on her side, there’s a patch of white fur that’s in the shape of a heart.  I love Bella! She's smart and sweet and quirky.

Bella loves...
lounging in the sunshine

chasing birds
long walks
treats short spurts of cuddling (she's independent)
being pet
belly rubs
playing in the snow
time alone
throwing her toys and chasing them herself
squeaky toys the most

My favorite Bella story is that Bella doesn't like it when I cook. I live in a small condo and the fire alarm tends to go off when I cook. Ugh! Lately, when Bella notices that I turn on the stove, she hustles upstairs until the cooking is finished. As soon as dinner is served, she runs back downstairs to see if there's anything for her.
She is a smart dog and learns commands easily. She’s also stubborn and when the phone rings, she jumps into my lap immediately. She loves me. She forgives me when I’m cranky and she comforts me when I’m sad. She plays with me whenever I want and she’s always there.
I love my sweet Bella!

Thank you to Ruth Ayres for providing this space to share our celebrations. Please join us and share your own!


  1. Now I love Bella too. You are very lucky.

  2. Bella's eyes speak of wisdom. I like the pic where it looks as if she smiles and winks.

  3. I love Bella too! Our fur babies make life so much sweeter. Perhaps Bella could teach her friend Rosie how to sit up for treats -- that's a cool trick! :)

  4. Bella is so sweet! I have a pug, Wiggles, and she's so food motivated, she would NEVER leave the kitchen when I cook for fear of missing any tiny morsel of food falling to the floor - just the possibility of it:) Thank you for sharing sweet Bella.

  5. My daughter rescued a dog and she is sweet and smart like your Bella. Of course, my Charlie is, too. I wish they could meet some day. He loves other dogs.

  6. What a great way to have us get to know Bella better! I love the descriptions and the pictures! Smart dog!

  7. I love Bella too! Thanks for sharing us with her. We've started the journey of looking for a "just right" dog for us. I love this story about the cooking. We have a chuggle that comes to visit us often, I'm amazed at how savvy he is in the kitchen. Thanks again for sharing Bella with us!

  8. She seems very smart. I appreciate the way that you wrote, included a picture, then wrote more and repeated the process. The pictures added to the action, to be sure!

  9. This reminds me of a quote I read recently (though I do not know who said it), "Everyone thinks they have the best dog AND they are all right!". As a dog lover I could not resist this tribute to Bella in pictures and in words! We rescue them and they rescue us...perfect!

  10. Me too! Thanks to your pictures and words I get to love her too. Sending you a hug and Bella a tummy rub.

  11. I love this post... especially that Bella doesn't like it when you cook so she goes upstairs when you turn the stove on. Priceless! :) My pugs LOVE when I cook. They're constantly at my feet hoping I'll drop something. They especially love it when I grate cheese. :)

  12. A true faithful friend! Does her running say anything about your cooking! Ha!!! :)

  13. Michelle, it is so wonderful to have a pet that is so loving and intuitive. Bella has been a faithful friend and a blogger guest into our hearts.

  14. I do love when you write about Bella, and to see those wonderful pics on FB, too. She looks like the sweetest of dogs. Now I know too about the cooking. I did wonder.

  15. Bella is so much like my beagle, Lucy! The only difference is that Lucy is constantly underfoot in the kitchen, waiting for me to drop a morsel of anything.

  16. Awe, Bella is so cute! I feel the same way about my fur baby. It's just so great how they have little personalities and quirks of their own. Our Ellie does a lot of the same things that Bella does, especially when she wants attention! Thanks for sharing her.


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