Saturday, June 18, 2016

Father's Day

I love my blog because it gives me an opportunity to look back and see where I was. Today I searched for posts about Father's Day and I've never written a post about it before...interesting. Today, I'm celebrating Father's Day.

I was blessed with a wonderful dad. I'm grateful for all of his love and support throughout my life. I miss him everyday. He died nine years ago, but his presence in my life is still noticeable.

Here are some things that I celebrate about my Dad:

I celebrate his JOY.

I celebrate his positive attitude.
I celebrate his love for his children.
I celebrate his enthusiasm.
I celebrate his risk-taking.
I celebrate his ability to reflect.
I celebrate his presence.

Dad was there. He showed up. He and I loved to talk and talk and talk. My favorite times with him were road trips or walks. We would just spend time together and have fun.

Dad made mistakes too. He owned his mistakes and worked to improve himself. Dad was fiercely independent and he taught his daughters to be the same way.

Dad loved life. He lived everyday fully. He laughed and listened and loved. I know that he's proud of me and he loves me. Dad told me that every time we talked.

I just went to look for some emails and pictures to include in this blog post when I stumbled upon two old notebooks. 

One of the notebooks was the one I used when Dad died. What are the odds of discovering that notebook while I'm writing about him?!?! (Thanks, Dad!)

Here are some entries from that notebook and an old picture of the two of us. Here's a draft of my final birthday gift to Dad:

Here's a first draft of the eulogy I wrote for Dad:

Happy Father's Day, Dad! Love you!!

Thank you to Ruth Ayres for providing this space to share our celebrations. Please join us and share your own!


  1. Wow Michelle. Amazing that you found those notebooks. Thank you for sharing the entries. I love that you celebrate your dad on this Father's Day weekend. For years it has felt like a hard weekend for me, because I wish my dad was still here. But reading your post reminds me to celebrate what was. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. How blessed you are to have had such a strong man in your life! Hold on to his wisdom, today and every day.

  3. The serendipity of finding those notebooks filled with wonderful phrases about your Dad is a perfect accompaniment to this post.

  4. That serendipity of finding those notebooks gives me shivers, Michelle, and the pieces shared are so sweet. I'm glad you had a wonderful dad, something all should treasure.

  5. What a tribute to your dad. He is with you always and on Father's Day. What a wonderful gift he gave to you: being your dad>

  6. That is very strange to come across those notebooks as you write about your dad. Your dad obviously did his job well -- it shows in YOU! :)

  7. Michelle, this is such a touching post and the journals you found! Wow, that's fate. Next year when Father's Day rolls around you will enjoy rereading this tribute to your father.

  8. Beautiful. From your heart. Filled with love.

  9. You were blessed with wonderful parents and this post is a beautiful tribute to your dad. Thank you for sharing your notebook with us and I love the image of your dad playing with super soakers with your friends! How fun!

  10. A special Dad, and how wonderful that you have notebooks with memories now, as well as all that is in your heart.

  11. Michelle, you are one of the fortunate individuals who was blessed with a caring and wise Dad. He smiled down on you as your wrote this post and just so happens your notebooks appeared. Life with your father sounds like a great experience. May your memoiries shine on.

  12. It's a true gift to have such a wonderful father. I'm so glad you found your writing from the past. This post is a lovely way to honor him.

  13. Dad! Thanks for sending the notebooks. They (dads) do have amazing nuggets of advice, don't they? I'm thankful that you were blessed with a wise and awesome dad. I hope you are having a peaceful week.


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