Monday, July 25, 2016

Just Another Day at the Writing Project

Monday morning and I'm driving down route 28 to George Mason University when I realize it's my last week with the project. My family is celebrating my mom's birthday next week at the beach, so I won't be here. During my drive, I felt the sadness seep in...I am going to miss this experience and these people so much!

I arrived to room 447. Peter was quietly writing and the tables were in a new arrangement. Peter and I decided to leave them like this and see what happened. It lasted about half an hour, until we heard rumblings, "Why is it like this?" "We won't have enough room." "It's different." Quickly, we rearranged and got down to our morning pages.

The focus it takes for me to complete morning pages is a lot and it's a good reminder to me, the teacher. Setting a routine is important. Settling into the routine takes some time and practice. Morning pages always reveal something that surprises me. Today I was breaking in my new notebook, so it made me happy to write.

Christy started us off with her presentation about maps. Christy's energy and enthusiasm is contagious! She invited us to map out our topic for our inquiry statement. I did and it helped me think about it in a different way. LOVE when that happens! My favorite tweet of the day comes from Christy, post-presenting...

After our break, we returned  to Elissa's presentation. Elissa started out by inviting us to create a word web. It's such a different way to write. I need to remember to incorporate these different ways to write with my middle school students next year. She spoke to us in Japanese for awhile. That was interesting and unsettling at the same time. What a great way to get us into the mindset of a student!

Lunch time already?!?! After lunch, we researched, and researched, and researched. Emily kept finding resources for all of us. She's so thoughtful and generous! I love when I get time to sit and thing leads to another leads to another. I only got off track a little. Shhh!

I have lots of good resources and a good start on researching my inquiry statement. Tomorrow we will be practicing the Progoff Journaling method with Dave Arbogast! I can't wait! Let's hope it cools off...

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