Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A Slice in Pictures

I'm at the beach. Wells Beach in Maine. The first two days were cloudy and cool. I woke up today to sunshine. Here are some pictures for you...
Our beach house...mere steps from the beach.

As soon as we arrived, we walked to the beach.
YAY! We are finally here!
Jack has begun his search for sea glass!
Jillian and Grammy test the water!
Jack is STILL searching for sea glass!
Our first family game night! Uno ATTACK.
The Marys telling secrets & figuring out technology together...yikes!

5:00am on the beach. Morning pages. 

An early morning selfie...

Reading starts our day.

Auntie Chelle & Jillian selfie.
This trolley looked like a good idea. (It wasn't!)
The famous lobster roll from The Clam Shack in Kennebunkport, ME. Best. Lobster roll. Ever.
Waiting for the trolley...again. 
Our version of rebellion.

This was only our first day and a half. The sun and the beach and my family are waiting for me...

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  1. Looks like you're having an awesome vacation. Enjoy! Love the pics! Especially your rebellious one! ;)

  2. Beautiful pictures. Maine is on my bucket list out here in the Middle of the Midwest. Thanks for sharing and inspiring. :) I'm dusting off my Tuesday writing time and wasn't sure where to start. Your slice provided a spring board for me. Thank you.

  3. What a great photo essay. You have me wondering why the trolley was not a good idea...maybe there is a future slice waiting to be written.

  4. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy every day as you did the first one.

  5. What a great time with those you love spending time with the most. I can feel and see the enthusiasm the entire way through your post. Capturing these memories is priceless. I love the beach and didn't get there this summer, so thanks for sharing. Enjoy!

  6. You've just made me want to return to the beach, Michelle! What a joyous week to enjoy being there with family! I love all the pictures, happy times!

  7. Looks like you had a fabulous day!

  8. Time full of quintessential Maine moments. I love all the photos. Also, I'm a tiny bit obsessed with your glasses frames.

  9. My favorite vacation spot! Enjoy!

  10. Looks like you are having a great, great time! ENJOY!!!

  11. Thanks for taking me along. Looks like nothing but fun, even waiting for the trolley.

  12. Looks fun! Your NVWP crew misses you!!

  13. Love the way you tell a story! And yes, I am waiting to read the story of the trolley!

  14. My cousin lives in Wells! It looks like you're all having a wonderful time!

  15. Enjoyed tagging along for the family fun! I'm hoping Jack found his sea glass. Love the pic of starting the day reading and card games with family. Fun, fun, fun! Thanks for sharing

  16. I enjoyed reading your post! What a beautiful place! What fun you are having!
    Trolley caption made me laugh! The bare foot too!

  17. You're here! I wish Wells wasn't three hours from me. I am sending you a virtual hug. It's supposed to be sunny and lovely the rest of the week. Hope you get another lobster roll. xoxo

  18. As you know, I love the beach in Maine. But what I chuckled at was the photo of your rebellion!


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