Tuesday, January 3, 2017

How I will RISE into 2017

The beginning of a new year is exciting, filled with potential and possibilities. Things can be different. I use this time to reflect on where I've been and where I'm going. I use a word to help me focus my reflection and my choices. This year my word is RISE. What do I want to accomplish with this word? What do I want RISE to help me do or be?

I want to RISE from the grasp of fear. We are all afraid of things. We all feel fear. There are times when I feel frozen in fear. It stops me. I want to RISE from the fear and simply begin. As soon as I begin, the fear dissipates.

I want to do things and RISE from the negativity. I want to show up. I want to write. I want to be a better teacher. I want to make this world a better place. This means I need to RISE to the occasion and do something.

How will I RISE in 2017? That's the best part... I don't know. I want to focus on the positive. I want to develop rituals and routines in my life that help this goal. Here are a few I have planned, some are simple and some are bigger, but all are designed to guide my year...

1. Start every day with writing in my newly organized writing spot.
2. Document the year with daily pictures and post them on Instagram using the hashtag #haseltinegratitude17
3. Paint my nails.
4. Write for five minutes at the end of each school day to reflect and grow as an educator.
5. Send 3-5 cards each week to those I love.
New lamp with the sun RISING from the clouds.

I'm hoping that RISE will serve me well this year. What will your 2017 look like? Do you have a word or a phrase that will guide you? 


  1. I love your word and your concrete steps to building a happy, rewarding, meaningful life. The end of the day writing is something I should try as well, but maybe I'll shoot for once a week right now. I also love the cards idea. I had lunch with my former principal last week and she wrote me a formal thank you and sent it in the mail. I read and reread it and hung it on my bulletin board. Cards like that really make a difference.

  2. I can tell from your post that you have chosen a great OLW for 2017. And I love the goals you have set to help you rise. I look forward to your posts on IG. While I haven't written about my OLW for 2017, one has found me and it is mindful(ness). More details about that are on the way.

  3. Your word is powerful this year. Immediately I thought of the best woman I know, Maya Angelou. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JqOqo50LSZ0 I'm excited to watch you rise!

  4. Another gem of a word ... a reminder that we cannot remain passive in our World -- either the personal world of our lives or the larger world beyond our familiar circles.

  5. I wrote a draft of my OLW post with RISE, with similar thoughts. In the end, I changed it to stretch.

  6. What a great way to prepare for your year inspired by your OLW, Michelle. I'm stealing some of your list, okay?

  7. That new lamp seems like an omen that your OLW will make a wonderful year, Michelle. I like that you have some concrete goals to guide you in your "rising". Lovely post!

  8. Your space fills up with your light! You rise every day to face each new one in a spirit of hopefulness. Put me on your card list and I'll put you on mine!

  9. I like your list of 5. So achievable. At the same time adds up to so much. You treat your word with great thoughtfulness.

  10. Such a wise choice, Michelle - and I love the tasks you set yourself, too.

  11. I love your word and the many ways you plan to accomplish it....I hope your NAILS rise to the magic of this new year!


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