Saturday, October 21, 2017

I Celebrate Middle School Writers!

Yesterday was the National Day on Writing! It's my favorite holiday...well, maybe other than National Notebook Day in May. We were busy writing and celebrating writing in room 734. 

We started with a read aloud. It reminded us about the importance of telling our story. The new picture book, "Malala's Magic Pencil". I shared magic pencils with the students and we were off!

Choices included graffiti wall writing about #WhyIWrite or about books about writing. Students could write with unusual tools including blocks, play-dough, magnets, or a letter board. Some students wrote stories together, some wrote poetry, some created quotes and others found their own way.

We tweeted our writing like crazy! The excitement was palpable. One student said, "It's so much fun, it feels like the last day of school!" 

The rest of the story will be told in pictures. There are lots of pictures. I tried to capture as much of this day as possible...


  1. "I write to have a voice." is a favorite that jumped out. Your day does sound wonderful, Michelle. Your ideas, like the pencils, inspire every time I read about them. Thanks for showing so much of this time in the slideshow. I also love writing with different things. I have some poetry blocks which Ingrid loves playing and writing with! Happy Weekend!

  2. I absolutely love the quotes on pencils!! Thank you for sharing the love.

  3. There is so much here to love. The many different ways to write had to make it special along with your enthusiasm.

  4. What an exciting day in your classroom! I love the various tools you provided so students could express why they write in so many different ways.

  5. Exciting, colourful, joyful, thoughtful, happy - an awesome day for all of you.

  6. New title off to reserve it. :) Thank you for always sharing and celebrating.


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