Friday, December 22, 2017

A Blog Post in Pictures...Holiday Family Edition

Time spent with family is good for the soul...

Here they come! I love getting to meet the bus, especially on the day of my arrival!

Intense concentration going on here!

Auntie tried to braid her hair...this is my second or third try. 

Wrigley gets so excited he leaps onto the bay window to see who's coming!

Hard to get him into pictures this year, so I'm happy to get this one!

Last day of school selfie! 

I swear, I have more family here, but I adore my time being an auntie. More family pics coming soon. I hope you get a chance to enjoy time with your family this holiday season. 

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  1. I bet you love being an auntie. What a delightful traditions you have! Bravo. :)

    Bring an aunt = best of the both worlds. Being an aunt lets us to be cool, hip, loving and stay connected to our little (not for long though) loves. I have wonderful sisters who shared their boys with me without holding back. I loved how I was able to spoil my nephews and send them back tired to their moms. Now as 25 year old, one of them is spoiling me, taking me out to Broadway shows and suppers. Can't wait for other two to grow up so we can hang out as equals.

    Here to being Awesome Aunts :)



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