Saturday, March 10, 2018

Auntie Chelle

Of all my names, all my "titles", the one I treasure most is auntie.

Being an auntie means I get to Facetime and hear about all of the exciting things going on! Being an auntie means I play games and dance and go to all kinds of sporting events when I'm visiting. Being an auntie means they get to wake me up early and we start the day together talking and giggling. 

Being an auntie means I make breakfast and help with homework when I'm there. Being an auntie means we read together and write together. Being an auntie means we play Words with Friends. Being an auntie means I miss them so much when I'm in Virginia and they are in Massachusetts. 
Being an auntie means part of my heart is with them every single day. Being an auntie makes me so full of JOY.

Happy 8th Birthday to Jillian! I love you!!! I love your brother, Jack! 

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  1. So sweet. I always think of my nephew Kevin - he made me an aunt. He was the first and I always hold special place in my heart for him. They are so lucky to have you!

  2. My sister is an auntie, too. My daughter could not say "auntie," so she called her "TeeTee." The name is legendary and has not gone away.

    TeeTee lives up to her role as an auntie. My kids adore her. I feel like "adore" is not even half of how they feel about her. They have her on such a high pedestal that nobody can even reach it.

    My sister drops everything for my kids. And, so does her husband, who they call "BoBo" (no idea why, but they do).

    I am so grateful to have TeeTee, not just as my sister, but as the auntie of my kids.

    You are right. It is such a special relationship.

  3. "Of all my names, all my "titles", the one I treasure most is auntie. "

    Me, too. My youngest niece is now in college, but we still share so much. And she writes me real letters that I treasure.

  4. I too am an AUNTIE and a GREAT AUNTIE! It is a great honor but also a GREAT NEED for children to grow up with someone special in their lives.

  5. Words and photos full of pure joy!

  6. You are the best, Michelle! This post is certainly a love note to your niece and nephew. They are lucky to have you, my friend.

  7. Beautifully composed reflection on what it means to love and be loved. You sound like the best Auntie!

  8. beautiful slice! Your nieces and nephews are lucky to have their Auntie Chelle!


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