Tuesday, October 2, 2018


Questions. I have questions bouncing around my head. Questions mean wonder and curiosity. Questions are good.

I don't have answers, so instead, I'm going to pose my questions...

How can I make it better?  
What is my role as a teacher?
Classroom organization?
What's the best way to work with other teachers?
How do I connect with students?
What do grades really mean?
How do I get better and meet their needs? How can school look different?
Why do I do what I'm doing in the classroom?
How do I balance technology and analog learning?
Are tests necessary? Why? What is their purpose? How do they make us better learners?
How can students demonstrate their learning in a meaningful way?
How do I help them grow and learn?
How can I find a way to better organize their notebooks?
What books will help them fall in love with reading?
What will make a difference to my students?


I'm not looking for answers. (And most of my questions focus on me since that's what I can change. I can change. I can get better and learn.) My hope is that if I just keep asking questions, I'll learn something along the way.

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  1. So many good questions, Michelle! Maybe explore them with colleagues?

  2. As I end your piece you seem to be OK with asking but not having the answer right now. You seem to be showing the power of inquiry! Keep wondering! Keep questioning!

  3. I feel these are questions we all are constantly asking ourselves. That is what makes us great teachers! We constantly seek growth! Thanks for sharing!


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