Sunday, October 20, 2019

Alone vs Lonely

Being alone-
I feel strong
I am independent
My life
My decisions
My destiny
belongs to me.

Feeling lonely-
I feel small
I feel invisible
My thoughts
My time
belongs to fear.

Alone means choice.
Lonely means despair.

I am alone
and essentially
not lonely-

Until the days
I am...

They say feeling lonely 
in a room filled with people 
is the worst.
It's not.
Feeling lonely-
all by yourself
is worse.

Lonely is 
being invisible.
Lonely is
being left behind.
Lonely is

Someone once 
told me that
this world is
built for 

I don't know if 
that's true, but
sometimes it feels

As I write these words,
I am alone
I feel lonely...

Lonely doesn't last.
I am stronger than lonely.
Lonely will drift away
and I will be alone,
but not lonely.

Blogging can be a challenge when what's on my mind is hard to share. This poem...these words make me feel vulnerable. It's how I'm feeling right now.


  1. I love your heart and honesty. The thing is, you can be lonely no matter your relationship status. You can be with someone for a long time and feel like that person doesn’t really see you, respect you or love you. I understand loneliness. I am sending hugs across the miles. I see you and you matter.

  2. I cheer for your strength, extend friendship during your loneliness, and love the eloquence with which you wrote this. ❤ Tracy


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