Saturday, October 26, 2013

Celebrate! Thanks to Ruth Ayres for Inspiration!

Thank you for this opportunity to celebrate and be grateful. The timing of this is perfect! Last week, Kate Roberts wrote a post on her blog, indent, about gratitude and I borrowed one of her gratitude rituals of a Daily Gratitude Email. I started one with a small group of friends and another with some of my family. This daily email which takes a few minutes to compose and send has changed my outlook on life. I've done the thing where I write things down for which I'm grateful, but this works better for me because I'm sharing it with people I love! Here's one of my favorite emails from my aunt:

My writing notebook! Oh I'll celebrate my writing notebook. I love writing in it and it makes me happy. 

The title is "I untangle life in my writing."
 It's my 56th notebook. I've been keeping them since I was ten years old! I designed this one myself and bought it on Etsy. (I highly recommend the shop Transient Books!)

Here's my plan for this weekend. I call it my I get to do list: 

Finally, always by my side is my faithful dog, Leo! 

I'm grateful for this blog and this place to share my experiences and thought on teaching. Thank you for the opportunity and motivation to celebrate today! Happy Celebrating!


  1. Faithful friend- the best. I love the email from your aunt. It made me laugh, so thanks for sharing. I like your positive twist to the to do list.

  2. Your 56th notebook....I am impressed! I love the idea of the gratitude emails!

  3. Such a happy post-so wonderful about your 56th notebook & I'll check out that notebook site-must be great. Thanks for all!

  4. Wow! 56 notebooks! That's a lifetime of writing, I wish I had known the power of writing when I was younger. I love the Get To list, that's a much better spin than Have To. Great celebrations happening all around.

  5. Emails of gratitude, 56 notebooks, and a faithful friend: This is such a sweet celebration of everyday, ordinary, yes-this-is-special life.

  6. I love the title of that notebook!

  7. Keep journaling! It's great that you've kept them for as long as you have. Hope this and future ones are filled with more positivity!

  8. Language is so important in how it helps shape our outlook. I love the way you wrote your get to do list, such a positive spin. One that shows gratitude and a choice to celebrate!


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