Saturday, November 2, 2013

Celebrating my week!

Ah, I love celebrating! This week was a good one. The last week of a quarter can be exhausting and draining and overwhelming, but this week was calm and productive and, dare I say it, even fun! 

1. I'm celebrating Zone Day! That's the day when we spend the entire block celebrating our hard work with READING! We independently read, we share book talks, we read aloud, we bring in pillows and find comfy spots and just READ!

2. I'm celebrating my students. Two different students brought me in little treats. One brought me some of her Halloween stash. The other brought me this pen: 

Thoughtful students make me SMILE!

3. I'm celebrating so many amazing professional books to read. Having so many resources to educate myself and grow as a teacher makes me so grateful!

4. I'm celebrating the work being done in my home this morning. After a terrible leak months ago, I'm so excited to have my home repaired and back to normal...or even better than normal. 

5. What celebration list would be complete without my Leo? I'm grateful for his love and his cuddles and for our walks and his playful attitude!


  1. We have conferences next week, too, so everyone was celebrating the portfolios completion along with Halloween! Glad you had such a good week, at work and at home with the repairs done. Have a great weekend with the extra hour!

  2. I love your Zone Day! Sometimes we (meaning my corp) are so caught up in teaching standards that sometimes we forget the benefits of spending time just reading!

    Would love to hear your thoughts about Falling in Love with Close Reading. Debating on whether to order it or not.

    1. Leigh Anne, ORDER it RIGHT NOW!!! I am loving it so much. I'm taking my time with it and finding lots of great ideas. Should be finishing soon and I'll post a review.

  3. Oh, your dog looks and sounds adorable.
    You really had a good week. So much reading and lovely students bring big smiles.

  4. I love that you take the time to let your kids enjoy "the zone." I need to get Lehman's close reading book too. So many books, so little time! Leo is a cutie.

  5. Awww - Leo has such a sweet face! I need those professional books - I've been seeing them on other blogs.

  6. I'll try to celebrate that pile of great professional books (Donalyn's arrives this week!) instead of being stressed that I can't make time for them!!!


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