Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My Commandments: Getting Started is Half the Battle

One of the things I love about blogging is the serendipitous nature of it. I'd planned on writing a post about procrastination and the reasons why I do it calling it "Getting started is half the battle". As I open the draft of this post to work on it, I surf the web and find an amazing post about personal commandments. I'm inspired. I want to write, record, my own personal commandments!

So I bring this new idea with me...writing my own personal commandments. This idea comes from Gretchen Rubin's book Happier at Home. Smashing the two ideas together I realize that getting started is half the battle IS one of my personal commandments and now I know how I'll write my post. I love when things click. Being open when you're writing will allow you to find those moments.  

Personal Commandments: We all have them and we live by them every day. They are part of the fabric of our lives. I love the opportunity to think about what mine are and explicitly list them. I know that I will revisit and revise this list. My friend always tells me that she never goes to bed angry. That's one of her commandments. I want to start discovering mine. In no particular order, here goes:

1. Getting started is half the battle (Putting your shoes on is the hardest part of going to the gym according to my Uncle Dave.)

2. It won't always be like this (Wise words from my friend, Kathy)

3. These hard times means you're building mus-cles (Dad's advice from childhood)

4. Take it Bird by Bird (Borrowed from Anne Lamott...take things one step at a time) 

5. Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end. (AKA Enjoy the journey.)

6. Be kind. Choose kindness. Spread kindness. (from Wonder by RJ Palacio)

7. Pray more than you worry. (Have faith that God will bring you through it.)

8. Everyone has a story. (A reminder that there's more to people than you can see. Be empathetic.)

9. Forgive...always forgive. (Not easy, but necessary for a happy life. Usually, no ALWAYS, makes me feel better!)

10. Don't ever ask anyone to do something, you aren't willing to do yourself. (Dad showed me this whenever I visited his work.)

11. Always carry a book and a notebook. (This one is self-explanatory, isn't it? Use your time wisely. Always be prepared.)

12. Be nice to my friend Michelle. (Reminder to show yourself kindness, as you would to friends/family. )

13. I had the BEST time. (My mantra all the way back to my college days. No matter where you are, be able to say this.)

14. Be in the moment. (Still practicing this one now.)

15. Be childlike. (Mom! Oh Mom! My mom loves life and embraces it with a child like enthusiasm and curiosity!) 

16. Epsom salts cure all. (Thanks Grammy!)

I love this idea and it will continue to percolate in my brain. Any ideas? What are your personal commandments? 


  1. Hey MIchelle, Such a small World. I just commented on your blog for #nerdlution!

  2. These are incredible commandments for life. I am sharing these with everyone I know!

  3. Patience and perseverance would be a theme on my list, Michelle. You captured a lot of ideas that resonated with me.

  4. New Years is a comin' and I am inspired to write some commandments for the year...or maybe some intentions for the year... These are really great. I'd add to say yes with enthusiasm, or something like that. I love when my kids ask me to do something, half expecting me to say, "No, I'm too busy" and then surprise them with a "You betcha!" Thanks for this--a gift indeed.

  5. So many commandments that resonate with me! #1 got me started on exercise routine that is proving very helpful this fall!

  6. Love it Auntie, and you of course!! XOX

  7. Beautiful idea to actually write your commandments down, Michelle. I think I could just copy most of them. Life is too good to not embrace every bit! Thank you for the idea and for sharing this important part of your life!

  8. Wonderful life commandments, Michelle. I follow many of them myself. I think writing them down makes it easier to stick to them.

  9. Indeed--these are great commandments! I especially like the way you shared with us who inspired each one. I have three basic life commandments
    Be curious, Be compassionate, Be content. That last one is especially hard for me, but I'm working on it.

  10. These are amazing! I especially love #5. Wonderful post!

  11. I haven't thought to put my plans into this kind of format. Something to ponder.

  12. I like number three. I think when life gets too easy, we start to take it for granted. The hard times do build muscles and makes us appreciate it. thanks for sharing.

  13. Michelle,
    I thought I commented earlier but I don't see i ( forgive me if it shows up twice) the idea of beginning is half the battle is true-more apprehension the longer we wait. Just get it started right? Great way to be positive!


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