Friday, December 6, 2013

Nerdlution Support

The week started with much enthusiasm and motivation! Mornings started with writing and reading immediately & long walks after school! Today's Friday...and I'm tired. Not feeling it. Don't feel like writing or exercising today. Here's what happened:

And there it is...what the Nerdlution is all about. Supporting each other. Helping. Being there when the motivation isn't there. No judgement. Just a helping hand reaching out from the twitterverse saying, "You can do it!" 

So here I am, writing. Thanks Kevin! Thanks to the Nerdlution members! It occurs to me this morning, that as teachers, we are practiced at motivating those who would rather be doing something else. Everyday we inspire and challenge and teach our students. I feel honored to be on the receiving end of that inspiration and challenge this morning. What a gift!

I'm so grateful for the support and the push when I need it. Hoping I can do that for you when you need it. 


  1. The support and community around this #nerdultion thing is AMAZING, isn't it?!?!


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