Monday, December 30, 2013

Sunshine Award

A couple of weeks ago, I was nominated for the Sunshine Award by Dana Murphy. I'm so honored that Dana included me in the bloggers that inspire her. Dana's blog inspires me on a regular basis. Dana blogs on her own blog AND on the Two Writing Teachers Blog. I love reading her posts and her comments on my posts inspire me! 

Today, I was asked to complete a blogging challenge by Amy Rudd. I first got to know Amy last spring during the Slice of Life Challenge on the Two Writing Teacher's Blog. She regularly commented on my posts. It meant the world to me and I've become a reader of her blog as well! Since both inquiries are similar, I decided to combine my answers here in this post. 

Here are the rules:
1.  Acknowledge the nominating blogger
2.  Share 11 random facts about yourself
3.  Answer the 11 questions the nominating blogger creates for you
4.  List 11 bloggers
5.  Post 11 questions for the bloggers you nominate to answer and let all the bloggers know they've been nominated.  Don't nominate a blogger who has nominated you.

Eleven Random Facts about Me: 
1. I love twitter!! 

2. Books have always been my favorite toys. I preferred those to dolls and stuffed animals when I was small. 

3. I've kept journals since I was nine years old.

4. I'm about to complete my 56th notebook. 

5. Thirteen and a half years ago, I picked up and moved away from home...I only knew two people here in Virginia. Now I can't imagine living anywhere else.

6. Born and raised Catholic, but now I am a practicing Methodist. I am active in my church and have found a supportive church family and a renewed faith. 

7. I do not make resolutions for the new year, instead I pick a word to guide my year. I usually buy a piece of jewelry as a talisman...a reminder...for the year.

8. I called off my wedding two weeks before. At the time, it was so painful...looking back, it was the right decision for both of us!

9. My Dad died almost seven years ago and I miss him everyday.

10. I've lived in Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut, Virginia, and Spain. As a child I lived in six houses in the same town. (Once we moved next door!)

11. I am an NCIS addict! This is by far my favorite television show!

from Dana: 
Here are your 11 questions:
1.  What is your favorite blog post you’ve ever written? This is a difficult question to answer. I'm so glad you asked though because it gives me an opportunity to reread my blog. I have to pick two. My two favorites are: 

I Believe

2.  What are you afraid of? My biggest fear is being a disappointment to those I love and respect. 
3.  What is one word that best describes you? Grateful
4.  What is your favorite holiday song? O Holy Night. 
5.  How do you relax? Walking my dog, watching TV, depends on the day. 
6.  I love to spend a Sunday afternoon….writing, cooking, organizing for the week ahead. 
7.  When I sit down to write a blog, I….sometimes have post ideas saved and sometimes sit and write cold. I'm finding the more I blog, the more I have to say. I also look around for things to write about...writing really does make you an observer. 
8.  What advice would you give future teachers? Make your decisions based on what's best for the students sitting in front of you. Believe in yourself. Find support. Have fun!
9.  Who is your hero? Both of my Grandmothers...they worked hard, loved their families, raised beautiful kids and always, always, always smiled. They were grateful for what they had. I miss them both!
10.  What’s your favorite TV show? ALL TIME? Friends, Will & Grace, West Wing NOW? NCIS, Ellen Degeneres Show, Top Chef
11.  PC or Mac? Mac! Mac! Mac! I love my Mac! 

from Amy:
1. What's your most favorite children's book ever? Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery.
2. What's your favorite young adult novel? Like many people right now, The Fault in Our Stars (by John Green) is up there, but my favorite has to be Aristotle & Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz. I want those characters to be real! I've read it twice and listened to the audio book. I know this will be a book that I'll visit again and again through the years. 
3. If stuck on an island, would you rather have books to read or paper to write on? Oh, I don't know how to answer it. I find myself looking for a loophole so I can have both. I guess, books to read. (I could use sticks and write on the sand.) 
4. What's your favorite electronic device/techie tool? I love my iPad!
5. How do you prefer to read books, paper or electronic? Most of my books are read electronically! It's just easier because I can read anywhere and always have a huge selection of books with me.
6. What do you think is an important trend in education now? I'm part of a pilot program where students are integrating technology into their day. Using technology as an additional tool in the classroom is essential, because this is what the world looks like now. 
7. What's your favorite family pastime? When I'm home with my nephew & niece, I love to play games with them and read books together. 
8. Favorite snack food? I love cookies. Grapes when I'm being healthy.
9. Do you prefer Apple or PC? 
Mac! Mac! Mac! I love my Mac! 
10. Tell about 3 highlights of 2013 1. Going to Teachers College for the Summer Reading Institute. This changed my teaching! I loved every moment of being there!!! 2. Recovering from a failed adoption. Healing from that pain and deciding to stop that process for now. 3. Being a part of a pilot in my county. Working with laptops in the classroom has been challenging and exciting. It's given me the butterflies and I'm working hard to make this a successful year!
11. What will be your "One Little Word" for 2014 and why? See my next blog post...

Here are the bloggers who inspire me:

Now, here are the questions for the bloggers that I've invited...

1. What's your favorite quote? Why?
2. What's your theme song? Why?
3. Who inspires you?
4. If you had a weekend (and money was no object), what would you do? Who would be with you?
5. What's the best part of your day?
6. Three high points of 2013?
7. Secret guilty pleasure?
8. If you could spend time with anyone living or dead, who would it be? 
9. What are you reading right now?
10. All time favorite book from childhood.
11. What's your one little word for 2014?


  1. Michelle,
    Thank you for responding to the chalkenge! I love knowing even more about you! Looking forward to learning your OLW!

    1. Oops-i guess the chalkenge would be for Betsy now wouldnt it? I meant challenge -which i think is essentially the same as the one Dana gave you! Funny how things circle around!

  2. I loved this! I love learning all these random facts about people. Thanks for participating. Keep blogging - I love everything you write!

  3. WOW This is amazing. I really love learning all these random facts about YOU. Thanks for nominating ME. I am pretty sure I am NOT that interesting, but I sure will try to respond. I do need to say publicly, You certainly inspire me!


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