Saturday, February 1, 2014

Celebrating this Saturday

Every Saturday I get the opportunity to celebrate the week over at Ruth Ayres' blog, 
Discover. Play. Build. Thank you! It's become a highlight of my blogging week!

This has been a week with so much to celebrate! Ruth, I'm so grateful for this opportunity to blog about it. Blogging gives me time to reflect and share my joys. Onto the celebrations...

Risk is my OLW for the year and I've taken another risk this week. 
I offered my blog as a place to share reflections on our second round of #Nerdlution. Putting myself out there was a risk because I worried no one would show up. It's back to that need of being accepted. Silliness. A few people shared their blogs and responded. My hope it that it will grow with each week. I'm glad I took that risk. 

Speaking of blogging...I'm LOVING blogging. I celebrate the friends I've made here and on TWT and through twitter and the Nerdlution. I feel connected like I haven't felt in a long time. I'm writing more than ever and it feels great! Looking back on my blog is starting to give me an idea of what my story is. I've been searching for it. I want to write it. My hope is blogging will bring me closer, so I can finally write...the whole story, whatever that is. 

That leads me to my students...they are blogging. 

We were featured in a local newspaper article (front page). Here's the article. The reported misspelled my name with a u instead of an a. My students were upset. I used this as an opportunity to discuss audience and editing their own blogs. Speaking of their blogs...oh my goodness...they are blowing me away with their reflection and their creativity! They love comments! If you are interested, here's the link to our class blog Crayons & Pencils.

Their blogs are listed on the side. Feel free to stop by and comment on any of the blogs. They'd love it! (So would I.) 

Celebrating Leo's birthday.
Birthday Boy! 
My little puppy turned eleven yesterday! Oh I love him!! He's back to himself after all of his little health scares. That's big news to celebrate! 

Finally, celebrating warmer weather. 

It was in the 50s here yesterday. I finally got a car wash. Thank goodness! It feels good to see some higher temperatures. 

Oh! How could I forget...I finally finished my GIANT yellow notebook

and started my 57th notebook. Here it is...

I'm still searching for a title for it. Suggestions are welcome. 
Happy Celebrating!


  1. I read your celebrations, nodded, smiled. Then I read - 57th notebook - my eyes were to pop out. This is beyond impressive. I like how the warm soft yellow is followed by so many colors. Happy writing!

  2. 57th notebook? WOW!!!!! I have been wanting to join this latest Nerdlution project, but there just do not seem to be enough hours in the day! Maybe tomorrow!

  3. Great celebrations this week. I agree with 57 - WOW! I usually get bored with the one I have before I fill it. Then off to find a new one. That is impressive.

  4. I've been keeping notebooks since I was nine years old. I just counted them last year. I blogged about them on my class blog. Feel free to stop by and take a look:

  5. Like the others, I am blown away by 57 notebooks! It's awesome that you have them all. Wish I had mine.

    Thanks for opening up your blog for #nerdlution round 2. I don't blog about nerdlution much, but I love to see what others are doing.

    Have a great week!

  6. Here's another "wow...57 notebooks!" I love the enthusiasm and joy with which you note each celebration, Michelle. What a lovely post!

  7. What a writer's life you have led. I love how you title your notebooks. AND I forgot to link my post to your blog on nerdlution. So I'll go back and link it! Thanks for being brave and taking the risk. You add to all of our lives.

  8. 57?! I think you have pleasantly shocked and impressed many of us! WOW! So wonderful to hear that your students are embracing blogging in such wonderful ways!

  9. Kudos for putting your OLW to work! I am planning on stopping by on Thursday!

  10. Okay....57 NOTEBOOKS?! Amazing. I, too, am totally impressed.

  11. Wow! 57 notebooks. That is impressive. I'm glad you took the risk to to open your blog for #nerdlution linkups. I didn't make it this week, but next week, I'll be there. The power of a community is so important. I know my own students feel it in their blogs too. Thank you for sharing all the wonderful things. Let's enjoy the warmer weather while we can. :)

  12. How incredible! 57 notebooks!

    I love the title of your class blog...Crayons & Pencils!

    1. ...And glad to see Leo is doing well...Our dogs are family...


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